Wild boars, invasion in Italy: what is happening and why. “An accident every 48 hours”

Wild boars, invasion in Italy: what is happening and why. “An accident every 48 hours”
Wild boars, invasion in Italy: what is happening and why. “An accident every 48 hours”

Rome, 8 July 2021 – The invasion of the wild boars in Italy. Estimates of the Coldiretti are disturbing: their number in Italy would have increased by 15% in the months of the pandemic Covid, when the emergency has reduced the presence of man in open spaces. A speech that can certainly also apply to other animals, but the consequences of the spread of these ungulates, according to farmers, would be devastating for crops and beyond. Reason why citizens and institutions demonstrated today from North to South, a protest involving the main regional capitals. Starting from Rome, where in front of Montecitorio the mobilization of Coldiretti has garnered the support of various politicians. But hundreds also took to the streets in Milan, Naples, Turin and Bologna. And again Bari and Potenza.

The Coldiretti alarm

Coldiretti underlines how the flocks are getting closer and closer to homes and schools, to the parks where children play. “They destroy crops, attack animals, besiege stables, cause road accidents with deaths and injuries and scratch around in the rubbish with dangers for the health and safety of people”.

As for the road accidents, the association estimates that due to these animals it occurs an accident every 48 hours with 16 victims and 215 injured recorded during the year of the pandemic. So the number: after the lockdown the wild boars would have reached the record figure of 2.3 million specimens. A situation that, according to farmers, has become unsustainable in the countryside: the damage would be quantifiable in 200 million per year for agricultural production. However, Coldiretti also emphasizesenvironmental balance which is “compromised” in the vast territorial ecosystems generated in areas of naturalistic value with the loss of animal and plant biodiversity.

And he recalls “the danger of the spread of diseases highlighted by the same Surveillance and Prevention Plan for 2021 published by the Ministry of Health which reiterates how wild boars have a fundamental responsibility for the spread of African Swine Fever (Psa)”. Farmers ask for a numerical management of these animals, relaunch the surveillance plan which provides for their reduction through hunting activities, control actions and the law 157/92 article 19 and programmable actions in the network of protected areas.

Coldiretti appeals to the Regions to coordinate with the State to enforce the Plan. Calls for farmers to be able to apply for intervention e proceed directly as they have a specific license. And again: “the coordination of containment and collection actions is the responsibility of the municipal and provincial police; farmers are assisted by the police themselves, by voluntary hunting guards but can delegate the activities to qualified hunters registered in the appropriate register regional; the hunting calendar is extended to include the months from September to January; the meat of the animals is destined for charity in compliance with safety standards or is enhanced in support of the local economy; that the overall direction of these actions containment and sampling is entrusted to the Prefect as “competent for the protection of public order and security”.

The mobilization of farmers collects the support of various representatives of the world of politics, as well as some governors. The Sardinia Region says it is ready to collaborate, the president of Veneto Zaia launches an appeal to the Government so that wild boars become “huntable species”.

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Wild boars invasion Italy happening accident hours

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