Italy-England, Pio and Amedeo: ‘If the Azzurri win the European …’

Italy-England, Pio and Amedeo: ‘If the Azzurri win the European …’
Italy-England, Pio and Amedeo: ‘If the Azzurri win the European …’

The comedian duo from Foggia in view of the final of the European Championships against England have decided to outdo themselves: “Incredible given how much we are freeloaders”

Pio and Amedeo, the Foggia comedians, audience champions in the spring with the show on Canale 5, and now working on their film, have decided to outdo themselves, to do what they never dared to do. “We freeloaders par excellence who have been marching on exploiting the wealth of others for years have decided to do something incredible for the Azzurri, if they win the European Championship: we offer a dinner to everyone, including the staff. And we know how much they give in with the bitters Evani and Lombardo. We also offer drinks. Obviously we adopt a strategy: first we pay the bill and then we try to get limoncello and bitters, otherwise it takes another thousand euros “.


The champions of laughter have a special relationship with the Azzurri: “Above all with those with a cultural level like ours … In particular Lorenzo Insigne with whom we are confronted on the neomelodics. The hottest pieces by our reference artists such as Gianni Celeste, who for you is a stranger, but for us he is a great musician. Then Immobile, Donnarumma, Verratti, Bastoni, Belotti. It’s nice to hear them happy with the desire to make the name of Italy and the national team shine. They always tell you ‘We are doing something wonderful for the nation’. They get excited, especially Donnarumma. They are incredible guys who are doing something incredible ”. But the relationship was also created with the coach Roberto Mancini: “He is a person of extraordinary humility, we met him in Russia. He has always played a good football, he is the right leader of this Italy. And he always keeps his kids entertained. He has never bragged about things that are not, he is a transparent person and a great professional. He had the courage to start from abroad. He seems like a whole person, but in reality he hides a great sympathy. We felt before the opening match, as we started it we would like to do the last one. After the first message we would like to send him the final one. But it was great, perhaps only he believed it. And then we like Vialli who gets on the bus last … We also like that jacket that is a bit maitre of the reception room. But we especially like this group, united, never nervous. All helping each other and this is the key to great successes ”.

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