Heat bomb: what awaits us now

Heat bomb: what awaits us now
Heat bomb: what awaits us now

Italy is in the midst of the second African heat wave of the summer with temperatures that will again reach 40 degrees in the Center-South and red and orange stamps for some cities due to the intense heat and the sensation of mugginess.

Where the heat will rage

All the fault, as always, of the African anticyclone that will return to expand to the Mediterranean: the hottest days will be those of today and tomorrow with the city of Foggia, in Puglia, which can reach peaks up to 42°C. It will also be very hot in the rest of the South with peaks of 39-40 degrees on the inland areas of Sicily but we won’t even joke in the Center-North with the 37 ° C expected in Florence and Bologna. As experts say, everything will also be accompanied by a general increase in humidity ready to further enhance the much feared phenomenon of aph. Very hot even on Friday even if with values ​​just slightly lower than those of the day but it will certainly not be a refresh.

Watch out for storms in the North

The North, however, will also have to deal with an insidious perturbation arriving today with strong thunderstorms, gusts of wind and hailstorms: as can be seen from the satellite, in fact, the North-West is already under the action of even intense thunderstorms that are they will also extend and develop on Lombardy and Triveneto during the day. It will not be generalized bad weather but patchy with the risk, however, of very intense phenomena in small portions of the territory and damage to crops not excluded as well as criticalities for motorists and road surfaces.

How long does the African wave last

The only good news, however, is that the 40 degrees expected in the South will not last forever and is destined to run out by Saturday before a new heat peak expected between Sunday and Tuesday 13 July with new possibilities of reaching 40 degrees. “A new wave, always fast, with temperatures of 33-35 degrees in the usual inland areas of the South and 28-32 in the rest of Italy, with the peak on Tuesday, where the inland areas of Puglia, Calabria and Sicily can arrive at 40 degrees, Emilia Romagna, Marche and Umbria will be between 36 and 39 degrees, while the rest of the country should remain between 28 and 32 degrees“, said the meteorologist Giuliacci al Messenger. “Then – continues Giuliacci, “in the course of the summer we will have to think about 50 days of heat, whether in several short waves or in fewer longer waves, this cannot be predicted but certainly we should expect a similar number of days with peaks above 40 degrees“.

Severe bad weather next week

These mini but intense heat waves could be the classic calm before the storm: next week is expected the first, real, hard stop to the summer with an Atlantic cyclonic vortex entering the Mediterranean which, in addition to chasing away the heat and African anticyclone, could cause an intense and organized worsening forecast in the Center-North with showers, thunderstorms, hailstorms and local storms. All this also due to the enormous heat accumulated in recent weeks. Temperatures would collapse on the areas affected by the phenomena but would also decrease in the South where, however, intense phenomena are not expected at the moment. To understand how the weather situation in Italy will really evolve, new updates will be needed.


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