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The rule book is to let the game run only if the second doesn’t interfere with the action, but the ball was very close to Sterling and Maehle. The Danish coach: “It’s hard to put into words how I feel”

There is a storm around the penalty assigned to theEngland at the end of the first half of the semifinal with the Denmark: it is not only the Sterling dip, which accentuates the fall after slipping between the legs of Maehle and Jensen, but also the presence of two balls in the field at the beginning of the action. The regulation says in fact that “if a second ball, another object enter the field of play during the match the referee must […]: – let the game continue if the external element does not interfere with the game and have it removed as soon as possible. “The referee is therefore not obliged to stop the game, but in this case the second ball was very close to the action, as you can see from the images, and could represent a disturbing element for both Sterling and for Maehle who was chasing him, even if in fact the play continues fluidly.

The Danish coach Kasper Hjulmand spoke about the dynamics of this episode at the press conference, rather embittered by the interruption of the European dream: “We are very sorry, it is difficult to describe in words how I feel. Perhaps, I will succeed in the next few days. one step away from the final, I am very sorry I have already spoken to televisions about some decisions that have been made tonight (yesterday, ed). The one given to England cannot be rigor, something that bothers me a lot. We are very upset about that episode “.

“Five seconds before Sterling took the ball there was a second ball on the pitch: I reported it to the fourth man but the game continued anyway “, added the coach, to whom he then echoed Martin Braithwaite: “It will take some time to digest this defeat but we will try to do great things again in the future. We are proud of what we have done but we are still sorry because we could reach the final. This defeat is difficult to accept especially for the way in which she has arrived. I have to be careful what I say, obviously we are very angry. “

The British admit it. There was no penalty on Sterling. The Telegraph headline “We won with a made-up penalty”. Dietmar Hamann, a former Manchester City and Liverpool player, accused Sterling in the pages of the Manchester Evening News of being a diver: “He went against the spirit of the game, which the British are so proud of. When Klinsmann came here everyone was talking about the fact that it was a simulator. Now that they do it, that’s okay. “” A questionable penalty “headlines L`Equipe.” The contact is minimal, not to mention non-existent. “Even the players admit it:” I don’t think it was a penalty – Kane told ITV , the network that broadcast the match in England – is a very `soft` penalty.” Likewise, Gary Neville, commentator on the sidelines: “To be honest, any team would be destroyed if they lost a semi-final for a penalty like this. Even if in all Europeans the yardstick for recourse to the Var was this “. And Wright again:” Sterling said he was touched, albeit very lightly. On the other hand they have given many of this kind throughout the tournament. “The only one convinced that the whistle has been corrected is Sterling:” It was a clear penalty “commented


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