“It would be natural to make us the Lazio stadium, but it is a bound asset and it is a big problem” – LazioPress.it

Question Flaminio, the candidate for mayor of Rome Calenda: “It would be natural to make us the stadium of Lazio, but it is a bound asset and it is a big problem”

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Flaminio yes, Flaminio no. The question of a possible second youth of the Roman system is one of the hot topics of the last period in Lazio, but not only, with the various candidates for mayor of Rome who are expressing their opinion on the point. After the optimistic thought of Enrico Michetti, a few minutes ago via social media, in response to Damiano Er Faina, Carlo also intervened Calenda very doubtful about a possible new use: “Flaminio is a big problem, it would be natural to play the Lazio stadium there, the problem is that it is a bound asset, that is, it is difficult to bring it up to standard, to cover it or to make any other intervention. For me it’s madness, but it’s the fact. It is also almost impossible to build a kind of nest around it that raises it and then adds places. There is no space for the pre-filtering of the fans for a safety regulation, it is in a densely populated area and below it has an Etruscan necropolis that prevents the fact of having more parking spaces. Any intervention that touched the necropolis would block the works. We have to find another place to do it ”.

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