Coma Cose, streaming concert tonight in Milan: “We, stubborn and lucky”

Coma Cose, streaming concert tonight in Milan: “We, stubborn and lucky”
Coma Cose, streaming concert tonight in Milan: “We, stubborn and lucky”

Until a few years ago a project like theirs would hardly have found space in the mainstream: too indie for pop, too pop for indie. Evidently at a certain point the general public began to want something new. And streaming platforms have allowed self-produced artists, starting from the bottom (just like them), to aspire to make the leap. Today i Coma Things they go to Sanremo, conquer the radios, climb the rankings (“Fiamme nella occhi” is Platinum for the equivalent of 70,000 copies sold). And at the entrance to their concerts several tickets come off. Tonight’s sold out duo made up of Fausto Lama (real name Fausto Zanardelli, 42) and California (Francesca Mesiano, 31), at the Carroponte in Milan, will be broadcast live streaming on LIVENow: i tickets are available on the platform’s website at a cost of € 9.90 for the standard ticket and € 14.90 for the ticket that gives fans the opportunity to access an exclusive pre-show and a virtual meeting with Coma Cose.

Are you realizing from the numbers that something has changed in your career?

C: “Yes. And not only from those. As soon as we leave the house they stop us: photos, autographs. They tell us: ‘But where were you, until today?'”.

Exactly: where were you?

F: “Before Coma Cose I had tried to turn with some projects as a singer-songwriter. I called myself Oedipus. But success didn’t come. In 2014 I also tried the Sanremo card, among the young people: Coez was also in line with me and Levante. None of the three managed to get in. Perhaps that project was not destined to meet the approval of the public “. C: “I, on the other hand, was a DJ in Pordenone and its surroundings. We met in a shop in Porta Ticinese, Milan. We both worked there as clerks: we sold bags and accessories. It was 2016”.

You started making music together, then love came: how did it all start?

C: “Fausto made me listen to some songs he had recorded. He was demoralized and to cheer him up I said: ‘Let’s try to get them out’. I proposed to record the auditions. We immediately realized that there was a special alchemy, which with his rhymes and my choruses those songs worked. ”

And the name?

C: “It told us well our psychological condition at that moment: we were disillusioned”.

Did you quit?

C: “No: the shop has gone bankrupt. With the liquidation and two coins we had aside, we said to ourselves: ‘Let’s devote more energy and resources to this project.’ With the first demos we knocked on the doors of what is still today the our label, Asian Fake, just founded in Milan “.

Were you luckier or more stubborn?

F: “Both things. Stubborn in believing that this project, with these daring characteristics, could add something more to contemporary Italian music. They told us: ‘What kind of music do you do?’. Then that limit became our strong point. : ‘What a pussy, the music you make’ “.

And lucky, however, in what have you been lucky?

F: “In being released in a historical period that made Coma Cose become a pop phenomenon”. Explain yourself better. F: “Streaming has indulged the public’s desire to discover new musical languages, different from those that had dominated the charts in the last five years”.

That scene seems to have burned out today, don’t you think?

F: “Yes: it is saturated, there are too many proposals now”.

Is it good or bad?

F: “Social networks open the doors of success to everyone, but there is no selection at the entrance: it is difficult for everyone to turn around like this”. C: “Let’s hope that talent doesn’t come back.”

They are already back: Sangiovanni is an unstoppable phenomenon. Does classic pop react?

F: “Television, absurdly, at this moment is stronger than social media: it puts you in front of a choice, it helps to select”.

And Sanremo?

F: “It has incredible strength: look what effect it had on our project (laughs)”.

Does the Festival have a power in itself or did the work done by Baglioni first and then by Amadeus relaunch the brand?

F: “Surely in the last three or four years something has changed. I remember the Baglioni Festival with Zen Circus and Motta in the race: it was a moment of rupture. Until a few years ago it was as if Sanremo was a world unto itself, willing to accept only a certain type of music. Today it is the mirror of the current Italian song “.

Do you feel more like Al Bano and Romina or Aleandro Baldi and Francesca Alotta?

C: “Neither. At the limit of 99 Posse. Or Die Antword, the South African duo that inspired us when we started making music together”.

Will you be back in competition at the Festival next year?

F: “We wouldn’t mind. Maybe in a duet with Al Bano and Romina (laughs). We will become the new ABBA. Or the Ricchi e Poveri of 2022”.

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