“Lega and FdI imbued with homophobic culture” – Libero Quotidiano

“Lega and FdI imbued with homophobic culture” – Libero Quotidiano
“Lega and FdI imbued with homophobic culture” – Libero Quotidiano

Also to On air, the La7 program conducted by Concita De Gregorio e David Parenzo, we talk about the Zan bill. Guest of the episode of July 7 Nichi Vendola. It is he who attacks the center-right, guilty of being against the law against homotransphobia. The former governor of Puglia, as well as an exponent of the Italian Left, does not believe in the request for mediation made by Matteo Salvini and which has not received a positive response from the Democratic Party.

And to the presenter who asked him what he thought, Vendola was quick to attack: “The compromise and mediation is only hypocrisy. The Lega and Fratelli d’Italia are political formations. imbued with homophobic culture, they have built an entire imagination on the thread of discrimination and intolerance “.

For Vendola it is a ploy on the Zan bill to “throw the ball out of the field”. Different speech instead for Matteo Renzi. Italia Viva has presented similar amendments to the center-right in the hope of changing the bill. “A tactic – Vendola defines it -, Renzi always tries to return to the center of the scene”. And again: “I would not want the politics of the Palace to make us forget what we are talking about, that is, of people in a world where identity changes”. Quoting Achille Lauro and the Maneskin at the Sanremo Festival, the former president of the Region recalls that these show business personalities have to do with “fluid identities” and for this reason it is necessary to go directly to the Chamber to vote.

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Lega FdI imbued homophobic culture Libero Quotidiano

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