Killed by the agricultural vehicle: found the two men who were with them

Two men identified who would have spent the night with the two women overwhelmed and killed by an agricultural vehicle in a field on the outskirts of Milan

The men were found in the company of Sara El Jafaari and Hanan Nekhla on the night of the fatal accident. The carabinieri of the investigative nucleus of Milan would have identified two Moroccan citizens of 35 and 21 years who would have abandoned the two women overwhelmed and killed by an agricultural vehicle in a corn field in Locate di Triulzi, just outside the Lombard capital. Repubblica reports it.

According to the reconstructions, the two men they would spend the night in a clearing within the dense vegetation consuming alcohol and drugs together with the two young compatriots of 28 and 31 years.

Unlike the two victims, however, they would have had time to notice the danger and escape so as not to be overwhelmed by the Grim, the agricultural vehicle that spreads insecticides on crops, operated by a 28-year-old Italian farmer, now registered in the register of suspects for manslaughter. .

After they left, in about 30 hours between Sara’s agonizing call to 112 and the discovery of the bodies of the two women, they would not report anything to the police.

According to what reported by Corriere della Sera, the elder of the two men is the recipient of an expulsion order and should not have been in Italy.

He had been wandering between Milan and the province for some time and was stopped while he was already outside Lombardy to escape from investigators on his trail. Once questioned would have confirmed the driver’s version of the agricultural vehicle, who stated that he had not noticed the people lying on the ground.

Virgil News | 07-07-2021 21:11

Photo source: ANSA


Killed agricultural vehicle men

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