controversy over the Milanese starchitect Andrea Caputo

controversy over the Milanese starchitect Andrea Caputo
controversy over the Milanese starchitect Andrea Caputo

07 July 2021 13:06

Many rules, some very strict (perhaps too much). An example: “The lunch break is from 1pm to 2pm, not from 1:05 pm to 2:05 pm”, or: “No cigarette or coffee breaks apart from the two 10 minute breaks”. These are some of the rules that some professionals have reported having had to comply with during the collaboration with the Milanese architect Andrea Caputo’s studio, a company that was awarded the redevelopment of Piazzale Loreto in Milan.

The complete list was published on the Instagram page Dda (Disorder of the architects). Several rules fall within the standards of professionalism that are ordinarily required of workers, while others have a bitter taste and appear too restrictive. Some examples? “Questions must be kept to a minimum” or “Informal chatter is not accepted during working hours” or “Printing in A3 or A4 is strictly prohibited unless approved by the administration or the project manager “.

The study replied to the accusations through a post on the social network: “The photos of the sheets published on Instagram correspond to a document that I did not know, I never authorized and does not reflect the modus operandi of our study – wrote Andrea Caputo on the Instagram profile of the study -. If actually circulated, it concerns a limited period, distant from time “.

“In any case, within that document there are possible answers – some undoubtedly wrong in tone and content, others reasonable – to objective problems of coexistence that afflict ours like many other architectural firms”, continued the study.

The architect – without ever denying that those rules had been in force even for a certain period – then reviewed the strengths and strengths of his company, including: “Paid internships, refusal to admit unpaid collaborators for projects and initiatives of the study “,” Involvement and openness for any gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation. Female presence always in the majority (average 65-35%) associated with the highest management roles. Never found any case of discrimination in 10 years of activity . Free English and Italian courses for staff “. Pros but also defects, including: “Failure to respond to applications received”, “Failure to return after an interview”, “inadequate feedback, in person, on the results of the services offered by collaborators”.


controversy Milanese starchitect Andrea Caputo

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