Saman Abbas’ parents can now be arrested anywhere in the world

Saman Abbas’ parents can now be arrested anywhere in the world
Saman Abbas’ parents can now be arrested anywhere in the world

07 July 2021 06:36

Saman Abbas’s mother and father, Shabbar Abbas and Nazia Shaheen, have been entered by the Ministry of Justice in the Interpol database, which amounts to a request for provisional arrest wherever they are in the world. The Italian justice can then consequently forward the extradition request.

Saman had disappeared on April 29 in Novellara, in the province of Reggio Emilia. For over two months there has been no news of her and investigators are convinced that the young woman was killed after refusing to take part in the arranged marriage organized for her by the family in 2020. Saman’s boyfriend, a 21-year-old of Pakistani origins, on the 9th last February he filed a complaint saying that the girl’s father, along with other people, showed up at his parents’ house saying: “If your son does not leave Saman, we will exterminate the whole family”. Saman’s body has not yet been found.

Saman Abbas: the escape of the parents after the disappearance

The parents left Italy two months ago and Italy forwarded the request for letter rogatory to Pakistan. In two days the Bologna Review Court will rule on the precautionary measure of Ikram Ijaz, cousin of Saman, 28 years old: he is in prison in Reggio Emilia after being arrested on 29 May in France while he was trying to reach Spain by bus. A month ago, on 9 June, he was handed over to the Italian authorities.

Saman Abbas’s parents are being investigated on charges of premeditated murder, kidnapping and body concealment, in competition with Saman’s uncle (believed to be the material perpetrator), a cousin of the girl (the latter two fugitives and wanted in all of Europe) and also Ikram Ijaz, the only one arrested in the affair to date. The search for Saman’s body continues, even with specialized teams arriving from abroad. A group of archaeologists from Milan offered to collaborate in the research of the body, a proposal accepted by the carabinieri of the provincial command of Reggio Emilia – led by Colonel Cristiano Desideri. Soldiers who are also availing themselves of the help of a specialized team of German police dogs.

Saman and the mother’s trap text message: “Come home, we’ll do as you say”


Saman Abbas parents arrested world

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