“Women protagonists of the rebirth”: Milan restarts from them

“Women protagonists of the rebirth”: Milan restarts from them
“Women protagonists of the rebirth”: Milan restarts from them

“Women protagonists of the rebirth”: Milan restarts from them

Yesterday morning in the prestigious setting of Palazzo Mezzanotte, seat of the Milan Stock Exchange, the round table “The Art of restarting. Women: protagonists of the rebirth ”organized and promoted by BCC Milano in collaboration with the Italian Stock Exchange and the AMUR Committee (historical organizations of classical music on the net).

The appointment is the meeting point between an international sporting event, the Giro d’Italia Women, and a one-of-a-kind artistic proposal, the exhibition “Silence in the room to music time”. The three moments are the symbol of a recovery that is as much desired as it is sought after after the difficulties due to the emergency.

At the debate – led and moderated by the journalist Paola Pica – in addition to the Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Milan Anna Scavuzzo intervened: Adriana Albini, Scientific Director of the MultiMedica Onlus Foundation; Marcella Caradonna, President of the Order of Accountants of Milan; Barbara Cominelli, CEO of JLL Italia and Founder of “Girls Restart”; Gioia Ferrario, HR Director Deloitte Italia; Francesca Moncada, President of the AMUR Committee; Silvia Salis, Vice-president of CONI; Monica Sambruna, Vice President of BCC Milano e Annarosa Racca, President of Federfarma Lombardia.

The purpose of the event was to bring out the innovative spirit of rebirth that women can offer to the country at such a delicate moment in its history from the individual experiences of great female personalities representing the broadest sectors of civil, social and economic life. In the room about 70 invited guests selected by BCC, Borsa Italiana and the AMUR Committee among the top clients, stakeholders and journalists including Ilaria Malvezzi General Manager of LILT Milan, Monza and Brianza, Carola Mangiarotti Vice President of CONI Lombardia, Gianni Mauri President of FIDAL Lombardia, Graziella Moschino Vice President of Unitalsi Lombarda, Giuseppe Legnani President of ConfCommercio dell’Adda Milanese, Chiara Pennasi General Director of the Triulza Foundation.

The event, broadcast live on the Bank’s social media channels (FB and Youtube), remains available to the public.


Deputy Mayor of Milan Anna Scavuzzo underlined the importance of collaboration between men and women on the issue of security, the delegation assigned to her. He also illustrated the various activities introduced by the Milanese administration in order to inform, protect and train citizens, especially women. Several municipal services increased against violence against women during the pandemic.

Monica Sambruna, Vice President of BCC Milano, told how the presence of women on the boards of directors of the banks of the Cooperative Credit is an excellence. Of note was the birth in 2004 of the Associazione Idee, the women’s association of the Cooperative Credit which aims to promote the participation of the female gender in the bank’s activities. In addition, the recent study by the Bank of Italy (2020) has been noted, which demonstrated how the presence of women on the boards of directors leads to an improvement in relations, cultural exchanges and an efficiency of data analysis.

Silvia Salis pointed out that all the women managers in the Olympic Committee have been at least high-level athletes as opposed to men, this is to demonstrate how more training and competence is required for women to fill certain positions. The hope for Salis is to be able to be an example to all young athletes.

Marcella Caradonna spoke of financial education, that is the importance for women of “handling the numbers”. In this regard, the Order she chaired has set up online webinars to educate the new female generation to manage finances.

Annarosa Racca highlighted how the category she represents is purely female and how pharmacies have played an important role in this year of pandemic. The introduction of the dematerialized electronic prescription should be noted. Gioia Ferrario underlined her role as “human resources engineer” within international realities where the presence of women plays a role of greater importance.

Barbara Cominelli spoke about how the new hybrid model of work (Smart working) integrates perfectly on the territory. To close the table Adriana Albini who told how she became part of the ranking of the 100 most influential women in the world according to the BBC (2020).


At the end of the table, the Deputy Mayor of Milan Anna Scavuzzo, the Mayor of Carugate Luca Maggioni and the President of Bcc Milano Giuseppe Maino took part in the start of the Milanese stage of the Giro d’Italia Women: the most important international women’s cycling event, sponsored by by the Bank and which saw the participation of 144 athletes and 24 teams from all over the world. The course involved the athletes in a 120 km circuit through the territory of eight municipalities in eastern Milan (Vimodrone, Cernusco sul Naviglio, Carugate, Pessano con Bornago, Caponago, Cambiago, Gessate, Bussero) with arrival in Carugate.


In addition to the sporting event, BCC Milano together with Borsa Italiana supports culture and in particular the chamber music sector, which is also strongly affected by the forced closure of theaters in 2020. Throughout the month of July, the very central Via Dante in Milan hosts the photographic panels that make up the exhibition entitled “Silence in the Hall to music time”. This is an initiative of the AMUR Committee and the photographer Daniele Ratti who intends to celebrate the first online national concert season which took place from 1 January to 4 April 2021: 14 concerts, 14 theaters, 14 shots. An exhibition to see and hear, where music and photography come together to give the visitor a complete experience.

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