The yes of Meloni and Berlusconi to Bernardo candidate in Milan Feltri leader of the Brothers of Italy-

The yes of Meloni and Berlusconi to Bernardo candidate in Milan Feltri leader of the Brothers of Italy-
The yes of Meloni and Berlusconi to Bernardo candidate in Milan Feltri leader of the Brothers of Italy-

“I am extremely proud to announce, not only that the director Vittorio Feltri has decided to join the Brothers of Italy, but we have also easily convinced him to lead our list for the next administrative in Milan”. Giorgia Meloni leaves the surprise for the finale of the Milanese presentation of her book «Io sono Giorgia». The standing ovation in the courtyard of the Royal Palace is guaranteed. “He is a man who represents a lot for the history of Italian journalism and for the free minds of this country”, explains the leader of FdI amid applause: “We are proud”. While the public comes under to snatch an autograph, the “enlistment” of the editorial director of Free is sealed by a selfie in favor of social networks. «It is an idea born a few days ago, when we spoke for this presentation of his book – says Feltri -. But it doesn’t seem shocking to me, it’s nothing that important. I respect Melons. If someone else had asked me, I would not have accepted. ‘ Will remain in place a Free? “Sure. What does it have to do with my political choices. As long as they don’t kick me out, I’m happy to stay. ‘

A piece of the Milanese puzzle of the center-right falls into place. And for the most important card it is now a matter of hours. The endless casting for the mayoral candidate is expected to end today. The coalition summit to identify Beppe Sala’s challenger is convened in the capital. After more than twenty names checked and discarded, Luca Bernardo seems to be the right one. The director of the Pediatrics department of the Fatebenefratelli hospital has already met both Matteo Salvini and Giorgia Meloni, who appreciated their “listening skills”. And he received a phone call from Silvio Berlusconi, from which he would have collected the green light for the Azzurri. «It made a very good impression on me», confirms the president of FdI: «It is a profile of great humanity, and as a mother I can only have a passion for a pediatrician. My impressions are excellent but we need a comparison with the coalition ».

Time is running out. With holidays one step away, the standard bearer who will have to carry on his shoulders the desires of the center-right in the city will have a mini election campaign ahead of him. But for Giorgia Meloni the revenge is feasible. «I have always been sure that Milan was contestable», she swears: «We are on the field to win, not to participate. I believe that this city needs a different momentum, an administration that is not only attentive to its splendid historic center and knows how to look at its suburbs and those citizens who in recent years have been forgotten by the current junta ».

Said of the frontman, the team chapter revolves around number two. Salvini focuses on former mayor Gabriele Albertini. And even the Knight, in his call to Bernardo, would have given his blessing to the ticket, on which Giorgia Meloni instead seemed tepid: “It is certainly an option on the table, but I think we must start with the candidate for mayor before talking about the candidate deputy mayor. So we are still one step behind. We hope to resolve the first of the questions, and then address the second. In other cities, such as Rome, a ticket has been worked on. Surely FdI also has its proposals to make ». Among these there could be the suggestion of Francesco Alberoni as councilor for Culture.

However, there is not only the administrative dossier at stake. The race for coalition leadership remains open. The polls continue to reward FdI. And relations with the Northern League ally to live by ups and downs. For example on the subject of justice. Giorgia Meloni guarantees the commitment of her party, but not for all referendum questions. “We will collect the signatures on four of the six questions, we have doubts about the other two”. “It is not a break, on two points we do not agree – he hastens to clarify – because they move from an understandable point of view, but the result that would come out risks creating distortions, in particular that on preventive detention”.

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