The Delta variant advances in Lazio, on the coast it is dominant. From Ostia to Fregene, cluster of young people

The Delta variant advances in Lazio, on the coast it is dominant. From Ostia to Fregene, cluster of young people
The Delta variant advances in Lazio, on the coast it is dominant. From Ostia to Fregene, cluster of young people

On the Rome seafront, the Delta variant is already dominant. In the territory of ASL Roma 3, which goes from Ostia to Magliana to Portuense, the Indian strain is already more than 70% of the swabs sequenced by the Spallanzani institute. Most of the cases were intercepted on the coast: in Ostia precisely, but also in Fregene and Fiumicino. The seaside resorts where the very young crowd. This is also confirmed by the reports of the Sisp, the Public Health and Hygiene Service that deals with the tracking of positives: most of the tampons in which the Delta variant was found concern children under 35. Direct links with the bathing establishments have not yet been verified. But the “hunters” of the ASL virus are at work. Another sobering fact: over 80% of cases have no connection with travel abroad. Further proof that the mutation is circulating.

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Delta variant, the dossier

In Lazio, the Delta variant is at 34.95%. Almost thirteen points above the national average, at 22%. The data refer to the “sample” analyzes on tests carried out on 21 and 22 June, before Pisana raised the search for mutations, extending it to 100% of positive swabs. A new report is expected between today and Wednesday. But the one published last weekend already shows an exponential growth of the so-called Indian variant: in our region it was 3.4% on May 18th. And in just over a month it has increased tenfold. Alessio D’Amato, the councilor for health of Zingaretti, in the interview published yesterday by the Messaggero, explained that “by August the Delta variant will predominate in Lazio”. In some areas of the capital it has already taken over, as revealed by the report shared by Pisana with the ASL last Friday. The territory of the ASL Roma 3 is the most affected. And we are trying to understand the correlation with seaside resorts. In the districts of ASL Roma 1 (from the historic center to the Cassia), however, the Gamma variant, known as “Brazilian”, has established itself for now. But it is the Delta strain that is destined to become predominant. For Francesco Vaia, Spallanzani’s medical director, “these data shouldn’t scare us. The virus is mutating and mutating once again. The Delta variant is also likely to become dominant, as the Iberian and English variant have been in the past ». The important thing, adds Vaia, “is to put in place all protective measures, such as vaccines. In fact, the vaccinated with double dose are only 5% of the infected ». And without severe symptoms.

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Dose on the beach

Just like “Delta operation”, in contrast to the new Covid strain, the Region has decided to ship the campervans with the Johnson & Johnson single-dose vaccine to the busiest beaches. You can get the puncture on the spot, without having to book. Today the mobile units of the Pisana will be seen in Marina di Cerveteri, on July 8 Anguillara is scheduled, among the various locations; on 9 Bracciano; on 11 July Ladispoli and Marina di San Nicola, the day after Santa Marinella, on 13 Santa Severa. It is the “itinerant” vaccine, they say in the Region. To outrun the virus.


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