how “Sms & Go” works and how much it costs

how “Sms & Go” works and how much it costs
how “Sms & Go” works and how much it costs

From today, July 5th, an SMS is enough to get a BIT (timed integrated ticket) available at any time and without using credit cards. Atac’s new SMS & GO sales channel, developed with the Digital Virgo Group, will be available to all TIM, Vodafone and WINDTRE customers and will allow the purchase of tickets with their own telephone credit.

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By sending an SMS with the wording «BIT» to the single number of Atac 48018 you will immediately receive an SMS on your smartphone containing a link with the ticket in QRCode format. The ticket received must be validated on the smartphone by accessing the link and can be used for a ride on the Metro and for 100 minutes on all means within the territory of Roma Capitale.

The SMS received with the ticket can be forwarded, but it will no longer be usable once the link is opened. The BIT will always cost 1 euro and 50 cents, plus the cost of requesting the service according to the telephone operator (max 0.299 euro). SMS & GO is easy to use, practical and safe, assures Atac. You can buy the ticket at the last moment before boarding.

The cashless & touchless purchase mode allows you to travel without putting your hand in your wallet and buying a stock even if you don’t have a credit card or you don’t want to use it. Furthermore, in this way, the environment is also helped: by purchasing dematerialized tickets, paper consumption is reduced.

Until 30 September 2021 the first BIT is free. The customer who decides to use the new purchase channel for the first time will pay neither the cost of the ticket nor the cost of the SMS. SMS & GO is added to the sales channels that Atac has developed in recent times with the aim of reaching all customer targets and satisfying any need, relating to the purchase of the ticket, at any time and wherever the customer is. indirect, 14 ticket offices, the B + apps, tap & go starting the journey on the subway, the more than 300 MEB (Ticket Issuing Machines) the customer can now choose to buy the ticket also via SMS using their phone credit. “

This service is in addition to the many that we have activatedor to facilitate the payment of the ticket. We have an app service, B +; the possibility to pay by credit card and from today also the purchase via sms. We are making every effort to accommodate our customers. We can be satisfied when expressions such as »I don’t have a ticket because I haven’t found it« disappear from the public debate. From today we are even closer to this result », says the Sole Director of Atac, Giovanni Mottura.

Last updated: Monday 5 July 2021, 13:41


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