Rome 2021: Sole24 ore survey, 24% drop in satisfaction for Raggi

The approval of the mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi drops by 24.2 percent, dropping to 43 percent of preferences and ranking 94th in the ranking of 105 major city mayors. This is what emerges from the new edition of the traditional annual ‘Governance Poll’, carried out by Noto Sondaggi for Il Sole 24 Ore and published today.

The thermometer of the popularity of the mayors highlights, in the comparison between 2021 and the day of the elections, two groups of critical situations. The first is that of the mayors of the large southern cities struggling with failing accounts and administrative paralysis: the last three places in the ranking of the 105 capital cities are in fact Salvo Pogliese (Catania, 30 percent of the votes), Luigi De Magistris ( Naples, 35 percent) and Leoluca Orlando (Palermo, 39 percent). The other shaky front is, more generally, that of the metropolis: Dario Nardella (Florence, 57 percent) and Virginio Merola (Bologna, 54.6 percent) continue to get by, but Beppe Sala (Milan) stops for the first time below 50 percent occupying the 81st place (-2.7 percent), while the Cinque Stelle mayors Virginia Raggi (Rome) and Chiara Appendino (Turin) cohabit at box number 94 with 43 percent approval, with the Raggi falling by 24.2 percent and the Appendino by 11.6 percent.

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