Rome, the woman who had abandoned her companion’s corpse in a suitcase was found lifeless

Rome, the woman who had abandoned her companion’s corpse in a suitcase was found lifeless
Rome, the woman who had abandoned her companion’s corpse in a suitcase was found lifeless

ROME. They both lost their lives within a month dramatically, with the drug likely master of their destinies. Before him Luca De M. found a corpse in an abandoned suitcase in early June in Rome near a bus terminus, in Piazza Federico Sacco. Not far from the Rebibbia metro where in the late afternoon of yesterday, Saturday 3 July, the lifeless body of his partner Alma R. was also found lying on a wall at the exit of the subway, on the outskirts of the capital, with a syringe still in hand.

The macabre find
The woman a month ago was questioned about the macabre discovery of that trolley reported by a driver of the Atac, the Roman company of local public transport. Inside was the corpse of the 37-year-old drug addict with a small criminal record who lived with her in the house to which the long trail of blood that flowed from the suitcase of horrors led.

The dynamics of the facts
He had a head wound that appeared uncovered, while the body was hidden in black sacks, the kind used for garbage. Then the 39-year-old, Italian like her boyfriend, had told police officers that it was she who got rid of the body of her partner who died days before. “He had been home for a week and I didn’t know how to do it so I got rid of him,” she would tell investigators. The woman during the interrogation had said that she had returned home the previous Monday and found him already dead. Claiming to have tried in every way to lend him help and to revive him, but without success. So the decision to hide it inside the suitcase and leave it on the street as the only solution found.

Overdose hypothesis
A month after that macabre discovery yesterday the death of the woman, identified by the carabinieri of the Radiomobile Nucleus of the Compagnia Roma Montesacro who intervened on the spot together with an ambulance of 118 and the operators who could not help but ascertain the death. Previously there had been a report to the police by a passer-by who had seen that unconscious body in front of his eyes, as he exited the subway. At the moment the hypothesis is an overdose as the cause of death. To ascertain it will be the autopsy ordered on the body transferred to the institute of legal medicine of La Sapienza, available to the Judicial Authority.

Abandonment of minors
The victim, who had been denounced on the loose for the case of the trolley with the corpse, in April had been the protagonist of another episode of the news: a complaint for abandonment of minors. The carabinieri had intervened in the same house as the couple following reporting to 112 of a 2-year-old child locked in a car parked in front of the house door. The little one who was Alma’s son found in the apartment in a confused state, was entrusted to his grandmother.

A corpse on the Tiber
Meanwhile, this morning, again in Rome on the quay of Lungotevere Michelangelo, the body of a lifeless man was found at Ponte Margherita. The investigations are underway by the agents of the State Police who intervened on the spot to reconstruct the incident together with the patrols of the Local Police of Rome Capital of the GPIT and of the Trevi Group.

No track is excluded, including that of the voluntary gesture. Ponte Margherita, towards Piazza della Libertà, has remained closed to facilitate emergency vehicles.

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