Pope Francis operated in Rome: intervention in progress

Pope francesco was hospitalized on Sunday 4 July at the Gemelli Polyclinic in Rome to undergo a surgery. The 84-year-old Pope arrived at the Roman Polyclinic shortly after 3pm. The operation, a “planned intervention” according to the Holy See, should have been scheduled for late afternoon. Once finished, the Pontiff will then spend the night in the hospital. He will spend the night in the hospital. The hospital stay should “at least five days“, According to what Ansa has learned from sources close to the hospital. The post-surgery medical bulletin is awaited.

Pope Francis operated in Rome: the reason

The Holy See spoke of a “scheduled intervention“A long time for” one symptomatic diverticular stenosis of the colon “, which is an occlusion due to inflamed diverticula that must be removed.

This is an operation that can be performed laparoscopically and is therefore not very invasive. At the end, the Vatican said, a medical bulletin will be issued.

The intervention will be carried out by professor Sergio Alfieri, the director of the Digestive Surgery Task Force.

The arrival of the Pope at Gemelli

Upon the Pope’s arrival at Gemelli his car, as usual, he had no obvious signs of recognition. The driver left him in front of the entrance to the hospital and with him there was a very small following: only the driver and a close collaborator of Francesco.

None of the normal patients of the Gemelli, at that moment, noticed anything in particular, as reported by witnesses to Corriere della Sera. Only the doctors directly involved were aware of the operation and no one else.

Francesco was hospitalized in the same rooms on the tenth floor that they hosted Pope Wojtyla.

The Pope’s last Angelus before the operation

This morning the Pope addressed the faithful in the usual way Angelus Sunday and announced that “from 12 to 15 September next, God willing, I will go to Slovakia to make a pastoral visit”.

The surgery was scheduled at the beginning of Pope’s holidays, which Francis usually spends in the Vatican, in the Casa Santa Marta, without stays in the mountains or elsewhere.

As usual, Wednesday general audiences have been suspended throughout the month and will resume on 4 August.

Mattarella’s message for the Pope

The president of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, as soon as he landed in Paris, he immediately sent a message of speedy recovery to Pope Francis: “The affectionate thought of all Italians, of which I am my personal interpreter, accompanies Your Holiness in these hours, together with the warmest wishes of good convalescence and even better and speedy recovery, ”he wrote.

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