Four Seasons puts Italy in its sights to expand with urban hotels and resorts

Four Seasons puts Italy in its sights to expand with urban hotels and resorts
Four Seasons puts Italy in its sights to expand with urban hotels and resorts

There are other locations to keep an eye on. «Venice, Rome, Tuscany and Lake Como, Amalfi and Capri are all important destinations for us – he continues – and we continue to do research, sure to find the right projects with the right partners. In some destinations, such as Rome and Venice, where there are high barriers to entry, we are very focused on finding purchases to enhance ».

Urban projects and resorts

City hotel or resort? Where is the research focused? First of all in the locations of altagamma. «Our pipeline is equally distributed between urban projects and resorts – says Justin Smathers -. Therefore our destinations are locations where our guests want to travel, in the city or on vacation, but also emerging markets where we can be the first to offer luxury facilities. In Europe we are always looking for in Italy, Spain and Greece ».

Meanwhile in Milan the Four Seasons, the historic hotel in via Gesù – the most profitable ever in the Milanese city – reopens completely renovated in these first days of July.

«The analysis of a restyling of the structure to find the right combination between the history that can be breathed in every corner and a modern reworking has been going on for some years – says the hotel manager Andrea Orbetello -. The hotel reopens with a new face for the common areas, from the reception to the lobby lounge, from the restaurant to the garden ». The renovation of the 118 rooms will begin within the year, without changes in size (starting from 39 square meters). The investment is borne by the property, the Statuto group, which will spend around 15 million euros in total.

The sample rooms are ready to be evaluated. There will be no changes in size, as mentioned, but restyling above all in terms of technical equipment, with upgrades of the plumbing, air conditioning, wi-fi system and so on. But art will be increasingly present in the rooms, a trend that has taken hold in recent years in the world of hospitality. The consultant is James Robertson, who looks for pieces of art to put in the common areas and rooms.


Seasons puts Italy sights expand urban hotels resorts

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