‘The game with Italy must be replayed’: the curious petition from Belgium

‘The game with Italy must be replayed’: the curious petition from Belgium
‘The game with Italy must be replayed’: the curious petition from Belgium

Italy-Belgium replay? No, no case or official request. It is only the curious petition launched in Belgium in the past few hours and which is now traveling towards 3 thousand signatures collected. In reality, there is nothing serious behind it. As it immediately appears also from the title that accompanies it: “Replay the fourth with Italy for lose it again“. An ironic key to accept a defeat that the team coached by coach Roberto Mancini won with merit on the field of the Allianz Arena in Munich. In the eyes of the Azzurri fans, on the other hand, the goal of a pure striker is still imprinted. of Barella or Insigne’s shooting that earned him qualification for the semifinal against Spain. And the same seems to be true for the supporters of the Red Devils: “We lost against the strongest, the aim is to show at what point they were really stronger”, the playful description attached to the petition.

He teased him to the French

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Not only a form of self-irony against the national team of Roberto Martinez. The aim of the initiative launched in Belgium is above all make fun of France’s neighbors. The reason? The petition, which had gone around the world, with which – this time seriously – the French in turn had asked to replay the round of 16 lost on penalties against Switzerland in Bucharest. “During the penalties of the France-Switzerland match, goalkeeper Sommer was not on his line at the moment of Mbappé’s shot”, the thesis borrowed from the regulation and brought in support of the request for undo the result of the match. A request that obviously fell on deaf ears, after the Var control had already certified with images as the Swiss goalkeeper had part of the foot on the line at the time of Mbappé’s joke. Now the new petition has arrived from Belgium, but in this case with a very different purpose.


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