It is an alarm for thefts and scams in the Asti area

It is an alarm for thefts and scams in the Asti area
It is an alarm for thefts and scams in the Asti area

In the Asti area, phenomena of thefts and scams have again occurred. In area of cMatteotti bear in Asti an old woman was cheated by a self-styled police officer. The man managed to break into the woman’s house and, with the usual excuses, took away jewels and cash. Also in Asti, then, but in zone Volta course, an old woman would have been scammed by three criminals who, with a series of excuses, would have managed to break into the house, taking away gold jewelry and cash. And still in via Crispi an old woman opened the door of the house to three fake aqueduct employees, who, managing to win the woman’s trust in a few simple steps, managed to take away several gold jewels.

In recent days, then, a Villafranca a theft of solar panels within a plant. A major theft, worth over 18 thousand euros. For all the shots, investigations are underway, to try to trace the identity of the criminals. Elderly people are increasingly targeted, who, in good faith, tend to open their doors to strangers, who with different excuses each time manage to sneak in and win the trust of the victims. The booty of the shots also in the Asti area is almost always made up of cash and jewels, which the elderly often prefer to hide at home. Scammers, especially in the last year, thanks to Covid and anti-contagion measures, tend to enter homes with the excuse of having to sanitize the premises or check the health of the victims.

The police, however, remember that there are no health personnel assigned to carry out these services. Always sadly current, then, also the scams by fake carabinieri, but also by fake municipal employees or aqueduct employees, which have also occurred in recent days. Criminals often show up at the door of the house also with the excuse of having to carry out checks on the health of the water, convincing the victims to gather jewels and precious goods and deliver them or put them in the fridge, to prevent pollutants from damaging them. “Do you have gold and money in the house? – the fake technician usually asks – If you have them you have to put them in a bag in the fridge because they risk being damaged or destroyed during the washing of the pipes ”. Just a moment of distraction and the scam is complete: the scammer runs away with the loot, paradoxically already packaged by the victim.

Finally, the Carabinieri and Police reminded not to open the door of the house to strangers and recommend immediately informing the police of the presence of strangers who insist on entering. If people in uniform show up at the door and have doubts about their real identity, ask them to show their personal identification card and, in any case, call 112, the unique emergency number, for clarification.

The recommendations of the police

Therefore, the advice of the police always remains valid to avoid scams and deceptions. First of all, do not open the door of the house to strangers, immediately informing the police of the presence at the door of strangers who insist on entering. If suspicious people in uniform show up at the door, ask them to show their personal card and call 112. It is good to remember that the employees of the bank, post office or other public bodies never and for any reason go to the customers’ homes, especially to check if the banknotes in possession are true or false, let alone to replace them. It is also advisable not to keep large sums of money and jewels of value at home. Basic do not trust people who, entering the house and simulating illness, ask for water or other.

Do not trust those who offer subscriptions to law enforcement magazines, either by showing up in person or, above all, on the phone. The service companies (Italgas, Enel, Telecom, the aqueduct), before carrying out checks at home, issue notices. Furthermore, INPS does not send its employees home to check the pension book. If the institution needs to carry out an audit, you will receive a specific notice by post. If you are unable to move to make a report, call 112, and the police will send personnel to your home. It is also important to pay close attention on the road.

Law enforcement agencies advise you to do not believe anyone who reports an unexpected inheritance or sudden winnings. Don’t trust any strangers they say you are get to know friends or relatives, perhaps trying to sneak into the house.

Finally, on the occasion of retirement, it is advisable to be accompanied by a trusted person, keeping the cash in an internal pocket and not stopping on the street with strangers. The best way to avoid unpleasant situations remains to use banking or postal services, such as retirement credit, checkbook and checking account payments.

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