I give them a few compliments, they were irritating

I give them a few compliments, they were irritating
I give them a few compliments, they were irritating

Clear, clean, unquestioning victory: Italy demonstrated against the Belgium to be the strongest team in these European championships – together with England who still have to concede a goal – and will now face the Spain in the semifinal next Tuesday in a match in which the bookmakers give the Azzurri slightly favorites. On the blue success however Jan Vertonghen objected, 34-year-old captain of the Red Devils, who sprinkled a bit of poison on Roberto Mancini’s men after the game.

According to the central of Benfica, in fact, in the final of the match the players of Italy would have practiced all the tricks of the trade to buy time. Hence his words that are really poor in fair play, even heavier since they come from the team captain and therefore reflect the thought of the Belgian dressing room: “Italy is a good team, even the numbers say so. But I don’t want to compliment him too much, they made me too irritated in the final“.

Vertonghen then admits – his goodness – that perhaps they lost the game for other reasons, more strictly football: “I know these are excuses, in the end we have to think above all about our mistakes. It was our fault. On the first goal I tried to keep the ball, but it wasn’t the right choice. On that occasion I should have just swept it away. It hurts, I’m very disappointed. It’s a missed opportunity, like in the last few tournaments. In 2014 we stopped in the quarterfinals, in 2016 and 2018 we reached the semifinals. We need to analyze what went wrong“. Surely not looking into our house …


give compliments irritating

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