Italy, Bonucci and Verratti do not worry

Italy, Bonucci and Verratti do not worry
Italy, Bonucci and Verratti do not worry

Returned in the night from Monaco between songs and celebrations for entry into the semifinals, including the choirs reserved by the group for the unfortunate Spinazzola, l’Italy immediately set up the organizational machine for the next expedition a Wembley. Another 36-hour blitz is being prepared in London and it will not depend on the result with the Spain. Even in the event of entering the final, the Azzurri will not stop at London, but will return to Italy and resume training in Coverciano. It is a traveling tournament and theUefa, unlike the previous editions, it did not impose the obligation to stay in the city where the Final Four. Italy will leave tomorrow afternoon from Florence and will return on a charter flight, hoping to double the round trip with London also on 10 and 11 July for the last act of the tournament.

TICKETS. It will be impossible for the fans to move and travel to Wembley from Italy. Apart from the 164 coupons reserved for the Figs, the blue endowment of the 6400 tickets for the semifinal will be reserved exclusively for Italians residing in the Common Travel Area (United Kingdom e Ireland). The sale will start tomorrow morning through the UEFA ticketing portal.

FIELD. Preparation resumed yesterday in Coverciano. Rest and the usual regenerating therapy in the pool for the eleven owners employed with the Red Devils. Light training for the other blues. In the evening the now traditional barbecue. The coach will evaluate how the effort sustained with the coach has been absorbed Belgium, especially for some players. Two situations to monitor. Bonucci he came out of the game limping from a blow to the knee. Verratti was replaced for mild fatigue. He paid for the effort after returning with the Wales, the 65 minutes with theAustria and another 75 with Belgium. The Parisian and the Juventus defender, however, do not worry, they are fine and there should be no aftermath.

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Spinazzola’s message: “I’ll be back soon, I’m sure”


Italy Bonucci Verratti worry

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