Cattolica, the students compete in the promotion of a vegan muffin

The “Content Marketing Workshop” course, which saw more than 110 students as protagonists, ended at the Catholic University of Piacenza. Created as part of the master’s degree in general management of the Faculty of Economics and Law, the initiative benefited from the collaboration of Fuse, a division of Branded Entertainment and Content Marketing of Omnicom Media Group, one of the world leaders in marketing.

The students, after the first phase in which they took ideas and reflections from national and international witnesses, focused on the challenge: to formulate a content marketing project to support the launch of a new product on the Italian market, a vegan muffin in the vanilla variants. and chocolate. Among the 17 groups in which they were divided, the one of the “i-Content” made up of Simone Amoruso, Marco Andreola, Gian Luigi Carniel, Elisa Coppini, Francesca Pagliuca, Benedetta Ricciardi e Andrea Salvatore. A workshop that focused on the tools and techniques to enhance the product, in order to establish a strong and long-lasting relationship with its users.

“The students were able to truly immerse themselves in the world of content marketing – explains the professor Roberto Nelli – combining theory and concrete professional logic: the result is a highly effective mix “. His words that are echoed in those of the doctor Carmen Weather in Ristuccia, a graduate of the Catholic University and now a Fuse project manager. “For students approaching the world of work – he says – I think it is important to have a vision of what actually happens when it comes to designing content marketing strategies, ranging from influencers to the creation of branded TV and digital content” .

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Cattolica students compete promotion vegan muffin

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