The blue metamorphosis. If Italy makes Spain and sends everyone to the window

The blue metamorphosis. If Italy makes Spain and sends everyone to the window
The blue metamorphosis. If Italy makes Spain and sends everyone to the window

The temptation is diabolical. We would like to write it and document it loud and clear: now we are Spain. We are the ones who play like the Spain of the day before yesterday who made school and dominated the stage by collecting triumph after triumph, the World Cup in 2010 in South Africa and the Europeans (the trio) in 2012 in Ukraine. The comparisons are complicated and for now unthinkable. But it is the idea of ​​the game that allows the combination in view of the semifinal on Tuesday in London which is also an opportunity for comparison to understand how far it is possible to go along the path that Mancini has traced with his courageous and offensive football. Mind you: this one coached by Luis Enrique is not the Spain that the world made a few years earlier thanks to that Catalan rib raised and educated thanks to the tiki taka by Pep Guardiola. Not only. Already in the 2016 European Championship, with Conte on the bench and a group of reduced technical figures (the pair Eder-Pellè in attack just to refresh the memory), Italy managed to break the Spanish resistance (goals by Chiellini and Pellè in semi – elegant overturned) demonstrating that organization and temperament can fill the most evident gaps in a short tournament.

This is another Spain, with no more – and it is a record on the contrary – a single exponent of the famous Real Madrid lineage, a sort of puzzle coming from several clubs, assorted according to the principles of geometric football but without having the dribbling and dribbling of the other one who gave us 4 baby food in Kiev in the final lost by Prandelli’s Italy. On reflection, some football analogy can be drawn in our home instead. For example Jorginho, for tactical rigor and ability to shield in front of the defense, has something of Busquets while Verratti takes us back in time to the wisdom of Xavi and Barella to the characteristics of Iniesta, elegant and sly compared to the Sardinian who instead makes ambushes and of blitz its strong point. On the other hand, the famous central defensive couple Sergio Ramos-Piquè can resemble, in some places, as well as in the consolidated agreement, the blue one Bonucci-Chiellini who also put the stocks in Lukaku, until yesterday terror of the Italian defenses and European? The answer is yes with all due respect to those who will consider the comparison an injury. And on the other hand, to close the circle, and return to the diabolical theme, even the cooperative of the blue goal – first Locatelli, then Pessina, then Immobile, finally Chiesa and Barella and the whimsical Insigne, can recall what happened with the famous Spain that has never fielded a thoroughbred bomber? In 2012 there were Fabregas and Silva, four years later Morata escorted by Nolito and Silva himself.

Yet they did not allow themselves to be influenced by this limit. Because in that football, as in this one achieved by Mancini, it is the outlet that provides the goal, or as Guardiola would say, “our center forward is space”.


blue metamorphosis Italy Spain sends window

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