The roof of the icebox collapses: 2 children dead, 2 more injured

The roof of the icebox collapses: 2 children dead, 2 more injured
The roof of the icebox collapses: 2 children dead, 2 more injured

Due children they died this afternoon, Saturday 3 July in the Verona area, while two other friends of theirs were injured. According to what has emerged so far, they were playing on the roof of an old icebox that suddenly gave way. The Carabinieri of Caprino Veronese announced that the two deceased children were eight years old.

The children fell into the cliff

Two children lost their lives by falling into a cliff a few meters below, and the others were injured. The accident occurred near Malga Preta, along provincial road 12 in the municipality of Sant’Anna d’Alfaedo, in the Veronese area, not far from the border with Trentino. The alarm went off around 4 pm and the emergency helicopter rescue services from Verona and Trento arrived on the spot, as well as the firefighters, 118 personnel, SUEM and the carabinieri.

The men of the teams of the Relief Alpine and Speleo Rescue of Verona. The two children who survived the fall, and were injured, were rescued and transported in yellow code to the Verona Borgo Trento hospital to receive all the necessary treatments and carry out any checks on their health conditions. However, they would not be in danger of life. The death of the other two children in their company would have been confirmed. According to the first news received, the children involved in the tragedy, all from Verona, had gone out with their parents to take a walk in Lessinia. While they were playing, the roof suddenly collapsed and the children were hit by the heavy stones that overwhelmed them.

The mayor: “Fatality without explanation”

From what emerged, the two children who lost their lives were 7 and 8 years old. At around 4 pm the Suem plant was contacted for an accident that occurred to 4 children not far from Malga Preta di Sotto. As explained by the Veneto Alpine Rescue, since there was no telephone coverage and with the intermittent line, at first it was thought that they had fallen into a hole or ditch, given that in the area there is the Spluga della Preta, so they were the Verona emergency and Trento helicopter, the Verona Alpine and Speleological Rescue and the fire brigade were sent. The rescuers also explained that, having arrived at the indicated place, they immediately realized how dramatic the situation was. Indeed, playing on the roof in stone slabs of an old ice house, not far from the cows’ watering hole, about a hundred meters from the Malga, the roof had suddenly given way and the children had fallen for about 3 meters, remaining buried by the slabs.

They tried to revive them

Immediately, the people present tried to revive them, but without success. Upon his arrival, the medical crew could only ascertain his death. Of the other two children, one has only reported scratches, while a little girl, with a probable trauma to the wrist, was transported with her mother to the Borgo Trento hospital. Raffaello Campostrino, mayor of Sant’Anna d’Alfaedo, commented on the tragedy to the microphones of Adnkronos: “I just got there. It is a tragedy, we gather around families. These are fatalities that leave us without explanation “.

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