Without undisciplined pupils or pupils with learning difficulties, the school would function much better

The presence of pupils who have learning difficulties and are undisciplined does not produce positive effects and a peaceful atmosphere and slows down the pace.
The presence in the classroom of motivated students, in the days of absence of unruly pupils, instead favors a positive class atmosphere and allows the teacher to carry out his lesson serenely, without having to alter the tone of his voice to continuously “resume” unruly pupils. The teachers are very inclined to have a more magnanimous and “maternal” attitude towards the pupils and are reluctant to reproaches and harsh stances. Rather, they prefer a good dose of do-goodness by playing a protective role.
In short, an “alternating current” school. In this way we tend to give pupils a false and far from realistic picture of society that is completely distorted and far from the objectives and standards that Europe asks of us for learning and training. In short, promoting at any cost more to make parents happy and happy than pupils is a depressing thing, because the pupil will grow and mature in his mind the winning idea, that is: it is useless to study, so in the end I always get promoted.
This also denotes a lack of respect towards those pupils who, for an entire school year, have worked with constancy and made a great effort. The reaction from capable and deserving pupils will be strongly negative and will inevitably trigger a mechanism of rejection and distrust of the school system. Pupils must accept defeats and learn to walk on their own legs because the future will undoubtedly put them face to face. Let’s see what you can do and what skills you have acquired.
Parents have the duty to “accompany” their children in the process of education and maturation by giving them the right amount of gratification without triggering mechanisms of overestimation of their real abilities. Children need to get used to distancing themselves from a misleading evaluation, but to judge students with the right evaluation method, free from false illusions.

Mario Bocola


undisciplined pupils pupils learning difficulties school function

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