the move for the municipal authorities in response to the snatching of Giorgia Meloni – Libero Quotidiano

the move for the municipal authorities in response to the snatching of Giorgia Meloni – Libero Quotidiano
the move for the municipal authorities in response to the snatching of Giorgia Meloni – Libero Quotidiano

Giuliano Zulin

04 July 2021

Sometimes they come back. Together. After years of insulting each other, Matteo Salvini e Flavio Tosi, former mayor of Verona, they talk again. To prepare a surprise a Giorgia Meloni it’s at Federico Sboarina, current mayor of the city of Juliet, guilty of having “betrayed” his civic spirit and having joined the Brothers of Italy a couple of weeks ago. A choice of field made official a few days after the Captain’s visit to the Adige, during which the leader of the Carroccio had spent golden words for the mayor, pushing him for a second term (voting in spring 2022) after a dinner together closed with a slice of watermelon. The Melonian turn it did not go down to Matteo, who accelerated contacts with what was once considered the black man, the unnameable. Someone will remember.

In the winter of 2015, the then secretary of the Lega in Veneto and mayor of Verona, Tosi, asked for a free hand in view of the Regionals: he toyed with the idea of ​​running for Zaia and deciding on the names on the list. Salvini opposed, as he feared the national aims of Tosi himself, already at work for a national center-right civic list, with a yellow lighthouse as a symbol. Matteo and Flavio began to slaughter each other, until the latter was expelled from the Carroccio. A deep break, which divided the world of the Veneto League: Tosi in fact ran for governor, challenging Zaia, exceeding 10% and bringing home 5 regional councilors. However, the Doge triumphed with 50% and from there began a downward trend for the outgoing mayor of Verona. In 2016 Flavio approached Renzi, supporting his referendums, in 2017 he sought in vain the support of the Democratic Party to help his girlfriend (now wife) Patrizia Bisinella to defeat Sboarina supported by the center-right in the ballot in Verona.

In 2018 he tried to be elected to Parliament from the ranks of the centrists. Then the exit from the radar of national politics, although in 2020 the only regional councilor who managed to conquer Forza Italia is a gentleman very close to Tosi. The personal hatred with Salvini remained in the press releases, but outside the Scaligeri walls, silence fell on the “moderate” Lega Nord who spoke with the center and the left. Until a few months ago. Francesco Specchia interviewed Tosi on Free, who threw an olive branch: «I do not agree with the sovereign line, but to try Salvini for having stopped the illegal immigrants does not exist …».

And a few weeks later, again in our newspaper, another interview: «The Fi-League Federation? Why not?”. The leaders of the Carroccio, local and national (it seems there is even Giorgetti’s hand), they thus reactivated the contacts– however, never completely extinguished – after Sboarina joined Fdi. The idea is simple: next year, at the municipal offices, a Azzurri-Lega-Tosiani coalition could support Tosi against the outgoing mayor, supported by Giorgia and right-wing civic lists. A sort of first local experiment of a derby between the hypothetical center-right federation and the Meloni block. Verona is still trying to be a laboratory, after the Amarone pact at Vinitaly between Salvini and Di Maio in 2018 which then led to the yellow-green government. Certainly, with Tosi in the field, new scenarios are opening up for the League. While with the Meloni fireworks are expected.

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