Basketball, Pre-Olympic semifinal: Italy beats Dominican Republic 79-59

Basketball, Pre-Olympic semifinal: Italy beats Dominican Republic 79-59
Basketball, Pre-Olympic semifinal: Italy beats Dominican Republic 79-59

Easy success on the Caribbean (79-59) with 17 points from Fontecchio. The hosts sweep away Puerto Rico: at 20:30 the match that is worth the Games

by our correspondent Vincenzo Di Schiavi

July 3
– BELGRADE (Serbia)

Tonut, Fontecchio and the triples push Italy to the final of the Pre-Olympic where the last available pass for the Tokyo Games will be awarded tomorrow. The Dominican Republic is overwhelmed by the progress of the Azzurri who dominate in rebound, in defense and, with torpedoes from the arc (13 at the end), they spread in a third period from 24-8. The final on Sunday evening (20.30) will be against Serbia: the hosts swept Puerto Rico 102-84 away in the semifinals.

the match

The approach is different from the match with Puerto Ricans. When Italy slips into Mannion’s hands, the 11-0 break comes out, which is worth the first escape (15-6). The aim isn’t great yet, but the quality of the possessions is better than the first outing. A triple from Vitali, important flashes by Tonut and the control of the rebounds are worth 22-14 of the first siren. The Dominicans stick to shooting from afar (0/6 at 10 ‘), so the magic of Fontecchio (10 points in the second period) push us up to +13 (33-20). As soon as the Caribbean make peace with the shot from three, after the initial 0/8, Italy knows the first moment of difficulty. The skilled Henriquez seals the 10-0 which brings our opponents back to -3. However, a timeout for the Azzurri is enough to regain balance in defense and hurt the opponents with the triples of Tonut, Fontecchio and Polonara. At the interval it is 42-30 Italy, waiting for the first points of Melli whose relationship with the basket seems bewitched. In the first action of the second half the captain is released: stolen ball and crush on the counterattack. It is the start to the new extension packaged by the plays of Tonut and Fontecchio and then by the triples of Melli and Pajola. At 27 ‘Italy ahead of 29 (61-32). The blues sail with 65% from three (11/17), our opponents unleash a demeaning 2/20. It also touches the +32 (Vitali) in a third quarter from 24-8 which sounds like an early sentence. In fact, the last period is garbage time. The final is already in your pocket. Italy is where it wanted to be: between Serbia and the Olympics.
Italy: Fontecchio 17, Tonut 14, Polonara 9
Dominican Republic: Ramirez 12, Henriquez 10, Solano 6, Cuevas 6

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Basketball PreOlympic semifinal Italy beats Dominican Republic

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