“Andrea Diprè was arrested in Germany”

“Andrea Diprè was arrested in Germany”
“Andrea Diprè was arrested in Germany”

03 July 2021 4:49 pm

Andrea Diprè would have been arrested in Germany. The former lawyer, art critic, TV personality, would end up in handcuffs after arriving in Germany. On him, in fact, hung a warning from the local authorities for some precedents that would have led to the arrest. A question, currently unclear, of old legal disputes.

Andrea Diprè, friends: “Arrested in Germany”

The news comes from the closest friends of the “controversial” character known for actions bordering on legality, as the site first reports Men on Wheels, who first told of the arrest.

One of Andrea Diprè’s friends, Isabhell, influencer on Twitch and porn actress, who revealed what had happened to the portal: “He disappeared for 3/4 days and at a certain point we wondered where he was. Then, knowing that he was headed to Germany , we inquired with the authorities and they told us that he was arrested “. In fact, on social networks Diprè has become a ghost for a few days. Isabhell said that the entourage of the former journalist and former lawyer – it must be remembered that he was disbarred from both registers – is moving to provide him with legal assistance in Germany: “We are already taking steps to find a lawyer who speaks German and who can take care of your case “.

The reasons for the arrest of Diprè, who for some years had settled in Prague, in the Czech Republic, are unknown. Born in 1974, Diprè was born in Tione di Trento, in Trentino Alto Adige, where he graduated in law becoming a full-fledged lawyer . In 1998 he obtained the office of lay bishop and embarked on a political career. After a few years, he becomes president of the Provincial Pastoral Council and approaches the world of television. Then he began his career as an “art critic” with Diprè TV, with which he promoted artists or presumed such. True notoriety, if it can be defined as such, however, reaches it by becoming a kind of reference point in the environment of the trash undergrowth.

Diprè’s last post on Instagram dates back to 5 days ago.

Andrea Diprè: that’s who the “king of trash” really is


Andrea Diprè arrested Germany

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