risk of ‘termination’ for the Bossi party

risk of ‘termination’ for the Bossi party
risk of ‘termination’ for the Bossi party

Northern League at risk of definitive closure. This is one of the possible outcomes for the party founded by Umberto Bossi, ‘Northern League for the independence of Padania’, hypothesized in the 2020 budget of the northern party, which in the part of the report by Audital, an independent auditing company, reviewed by Adnkronos, puts pen to paper a scenario of “cessation of functioning” of the party. A possibility that party sources, however, deny. There is no hypothesis of closure, the party will continue to present itself to the vote, underline to AdnKronos other sources from via Bellerio, recalling how the Covid emergency also weighed on Leganord’s budget, also burdened by the debt of 49 million for the story of electoral reimbursements unduly received in the old management, dating back to secretary Bossi, until 2010.

Returning to the text accompanying the numbers of the balance sheet of the old League, signed by Lorenzo Fontana, (only with the same name of the most faithful deputy secretary of Matteo Salvini), it is emphasized “we have come to a conclusion on the appropriateness of the use by the treasurer of the assumption of business continuity and, based on the audit evidence obtained, on the possible existence of significant uncertainty regarding events or circumstances that may raise significant doubts on the ability of the Lega Nord political movement for the independence of Padania to continue operating as an entity in operation “.

And again: “In the presence of significant uncertainty, we are required to draw the attention of the auditor’s report to the related disclosure provided in the financial statements, or if this disclosure is inadequate, reflect this circumstance in the formulation of our opinion. Our conclusions are based on the audit evidence obtained up to the date of this report “. “However, subsequent events or circumstances may result in the Lega Nord political movement for the independence of Padania ceasing to operate as a functioning entity”, reads the reviewers’ text.


The old party founded by Umberto Bossi closed the budget with a surplus of 126,424.85 euros for 2020 (94 thousand in the previous year). This is certified by Bellerio’s ‘management report at 31 December 2020’, which AdnKronos has viewed. The ‘Leganord for the independence of Padania’, a party now led by the deputy Igor Iezzi, appointed after the Milan congress in December 2019, declares 492,703.45 euros of liquidity, including bank and postal deposits (521 thousand in 2019).

Among the items that of the debts equal to 18,837,976, attributable to the debt contracted with the State, after the conviction by the court of Genoa, for the affair of the 49 million electoral reimbursements unduly received in the old management, dating back to the secretary Bossi, until 2010.

A liquidity, that relating to 2020, equal to less than a third of what is closed in the safe of the new Salvinian party, Lega per Salvini premier ‘(1,603,871.34). The share guaranteed by the 2x thousand, which stops at 646,463.77 euros, arrived from about 57 thousand taxpayers, down compared to 2019. And again: party expenses related to the six employees are equal to almost 275.5 thousand euros, money invested for the 6 employees (4 second level, and two third level).

The proceeds of the party amounted to 1,674,925.27 euros, with a slight increase compared to 1,414 thousand in 2019. 824,699.22 ended up in the coffers of the old party, the result of liberal donations, mostly from elected representatives of the party (al party of Salvini, the Lega per Salvini premier, on this item there is a figure equal to almost 5.7 million euros).

Among the taxpayers of the old League stand out the vice president of the Senate, Roberto Calderoli and party number two Giancarlo Giorgetti, who are over 30 thousand euros (33 thousand the first, 32.5 the second). Many MEPs on the list, such as the president of the European group Identity and Democracy, Marco Zanni (19 thousand euros).

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