in Piazzale Loreto there is still room – Time

in Piazzale Loreto there is still room – Time
in Piazzale Loreto there is still room – Time

Posters of shame against Giorgia Meloni and Maurizio Marrone. The two exponents of the Brothers of Italy, one the leader, the other the councilor for simplification of the Piedmont Region, were targeted with some shock posters affixed in Turin, which took an image of Benito Mussolini and Claretta Petacci , whose corpses were hung upside down in Piazzale Loreto on April 29, 1945.

To denounce the images of shame was the same leader of the center-right party, who lashed out harshly against the authors in a post on Facebook: “Last night, in the Barriera di Milano in Turin, these posters appeared depicting me and the regional councilor of Fratelli d’Italia Maurizio Marrone. We are hanging upside down, perhaps ‘thanks’ to a group of anarchists who did not know how else to spend their days. Gestures like these are nothing new, as are threats and attacks against our exponents. Certain extremist fringes, in fact, continue to promote illegality and violence as a means of political expression, in the total silence of the institutions. Will the left-wing condemnation of such infamies arrive in time? We look forward to it ”.

“There is still room in Piazzale Loreto” the writing appeared on the posters immediately under the faces of Meloni and Marrone. For the moment, no post of indignation has arrived from the leftists, who for the umpteenth time do not make their solidarity felt after the harsh attacks suffered by Meloni.

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Piazzale Loreto room Time

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