“A thresher hit us”

“A thresher hit us”
“A thresher hit us”

The two young women who disappeared in San Giuliano Milanese (Mi), on whose trail the carabinieri had immediately set off, were found dead, after yesterday morning a phone call to 112 had arrived which reported the death of one and the wounding of the other. The lifeless bodies were found around 20 today, in a corn field that runs along the West ring road, and correspond to the people sought.

The young victims were a 32-year-old and a 28-year-old of Moroccan descent. In the phone call sent yesterday to the carabinieri, a woman (who did not provide personal details) reported in Arabic that she was in a corn field on the border with San Donato Milanese, and that she and her friend had been hit by a combine harvester. “Help, we got hit by a thresher, my friend died and I am injured,” her words before the phone line went dead during the call. From that moment the number was no longer reachable.

Right from the start, the carabinieri of the San Donato Milanese company started the search (with the help of the 118 helicopters and the second Orio al Serio carabinieri helicopter nucleus) in the area where the woman’s cell phone had been located (San Giuliano Milanese, via Toscana, in the open countryside), while at the same time they informed the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Lodi for the location of the telephone, which was unreachable and which, therefore, it was not possible to trace.

The carabinieri also asked the Prefecture of Milan to activate the search plan for missing persons, which involved the carabinieri of the territorial and third ‘Lombardia’ regiment, the firefighters, with some dog units, and the Civil Protection.


thresher hit

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