Bernardo ready to challenge Sala: “I run to win”

Bernardo ready to challenge Sala: “I run to win”
Bernardo ready to challenge Sala: “I run to win”

IS Luca Bernardo, head of paediatrics at the Fatebenefratelli in Milan, one of the possible candidates of the center-right for the upcoming administrative decisions that will decide the new mayor of the Milanese capital. Present at the banquet set up by the Lega in via Fauché to collect signatures on the referendum on justice, Bernando answered some questions from the journalists present at the event, explaining that he felt like a civic candidate but with the support of the center-right.

“I’m ready to run”

42 years old, head of the Pediatric Home of Fatebenefratelli and director of the department of childhood and adolescent medicine of the Milan hospital, Dr. Luca Bernado has collected the trust of Forza Italia and Lega, and could be one of the possible names to propose to the administrative.

I am willing to run, it is they who must want me. I run to win“, the doctor said today to the microphones of AdnKronos. “I am an intensive therapist, so for me emergency and urgency means running fast. If I had to run for me it would be a campaign not shouted but of listening and mutual respect. You will never hear words higher than normal on my side, we have to explain to people what we want to do not the ones we want to shout“, he added, specifying that for him the little time left to carry out the electoral campaign would not be a problem.

Among the questions, also one about his relationship with the former mayor of Milan Gabriele Albertini. “For the moment we have not spoken, we have only met but there is mutual respect. I met him, I liked him a lot, we broke up with a ‘we’ll see’“, affirmed the candidate in pectore of the center-right. And again:”He is a fabulous person, we like him because he is direct, he has class, elegance, he is a man who knows the job“.

No problem, Bernando specified, to work with League. “They want to do with anyone who wants to be there. I am willing to run, they must want me“, he has declared. “I have no embarrassment. The embarrassment is who does not want to do. I am there with anyone who wants to do it“, he added.

Projects for Milan, no clashes with Sala

For Luca Bernado the city of Milano it must not only be relaunched from an economic point of view, but also from a social one. “People want to do, to be industrious because they are, to look and get out of this invisible enemy that has hit us all. The important thing is to go back to work even more and relaunch a Milan that must return, as it was in the past, to a great city from a national and international point of view.“A Milan that is once again the protagonist imagined by candidate in pectoris, who hopes to see her return “a great city from a national and international point of view“.

We must look to the future, therefore, the foreigners who come, who return to present themselves, we are a globalized city with a great soul“, he added.

As for the idea of ​​a possible future duel with the current mayor Beppe Sala, Bernardo specified: “You will not see me challenge Sala but talk to Sala, I start from another premise: a relationship of courtesy and kindness, with possibly opposing ideas about the city“.

The relationship with the center-right

Milan is a city dear to Bernardo: “It is the city that has given my name, for what I have done in recent years, in the health sector, especially in the social field, and this has made me proud and is a great satisfaction. Then I’m available“, has explained.

As for the leaders of the center-right, the primary of Fatebenefratelli confirmed that he is making contacts. “With Salvini we have not talked about anything in particular. There was a phone call with Salvini, he was once to see the ward in the hospital. I respect everyone across the board but I come from the city, it certainly did not come from the parties, in the positive sense of term“, he declared. As for Berlusconi and Meloni,”I answer from the working point of view: being the pediatrician of many children, whose parents are also deputies, they esteem me from that point of view. And for this I made myself available. But I haven’t heard them yet“.

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