Ddl Zan, four amendments by Italia Viva to “remove” gender

Ddl Zan, four amendments by Italia Viva to “remove” gender
Ddl Zan, four amendments by Italia Viva to “remove” gender

Palazzo Madama, seat of the Senate – Sicilian Archives

Italia Viva is the first to turn the cards. The president of the Renzian senators, Davide Faraone, yesterday presented and made public the four amendments to the Zan bill to be discussed at the majority political table scheduled for Tuesday, before going to the courtroom on the 6th to vote on the schedule. Net interventions, probably more than what Pd, M5s and Leu expected. In particular, Iv asks to remove the definitions contained in article 1 and to return to the formulation of the Scalfarotto proposal, which did not contemplate “gender identity”. “Amazed” and “banned” the demos who push the most for the examination of the text “as it is”, from Alessandro Zan himself to Monica Cirinnà. But no word of openness to IV’s proposals not even from Franco Mirabelli, leader of the Democratic Party in the Senate Justice Committee: they are, he says, “unacceptable” amendments and in any case “insufficient to bridge the sidereal distances” with the League. Reason why “the main road remains the classroom on July 13”. «Amendments-trick», defines them the pentastellata Alessandra Maiorino.

Putting the concept of “gender identity” on the table, however, has a political value for Iv, because it meets a sensitivity common to the so-called “liberals” of Forza Italia, headed by Mara Carfagna. The minister of the South, within her party, is far from the positions of Antonio Tajani and Berlusconi himself, and yesterday she gave the green light to an agreement to “eliminate the divisive points”.

The tough dem reaction does not worry the Renzians. Who respond by recalling how the Zan bill was actually born from the merging, in the Chamber, of five different proposals, among which, precisely, that of Ivan Scalfarotto, a politician who is certainly not insensitive to the request for greater protection by the LGBT community. Zan’s text asked for the punishment of hate crimes based on “gender identity and sexual orientation”, that of Laura Boldrini spoke of “biological sex, gender identity, gender role and sexual orientation”, in that of Giusi Bartolozzi ( Fi) the term was “gender”, while the Scalfarotto bill punished hate crimes motivated by “homophobia and transphobia”. Eventually the unified text of the speaker Alessandro Zan adopted the terms “sex, gender, sexual orientation and gender identity”. A text approved in the House by the then yellow-red majority, reached the Senate in November and which is now at a crossroads: either we go to the wall between the center-right and the center-left of the government or we go to mediation. A scenario, that of the wall against the wall, with unpredictable results because no majority party is absolutely certain to “control” all its senators and because when the secret votes are tested, something surprising could happen, in one sense (the slashing of the text with the collaboration of the center-left skeptics) or the other (its approval with the collaboration of the center-right “aperturists”).

Therefore Iv pushes for mediation and rejects the accusations of the Democratic Party. For Cirinnà “Renzi is now aligned with Salvini”, but a few days ago the former prime minister explained in an interview that laws of this type are also made by “counting” in the classroom. It must be said that Iv is the only political force to have previously announced the amendments, which had to be presented – this is the political agreement with the president of the Justice Commission, the Northern League player Andrea Ostellari – last night. The League, which the Democratic Party does not “trust”, has not moved. Idem M5s, Leu and the Democratic Party itself, who have the direct examination line in the classroom. This could lead, next Tuesday, to an examination on the merits only of the interventions requested by Italia Viva.

Which are four: two on article 1 and the definitions, that is the excerpt of the current formulation and the reformulation according to the award-Scalfarotto. Iv then intervenes on article 7, which speaks of the initiatives to be held in schools on the occasion of the National Day against homophobia and transphobia: these must respect the “school autonomy” of individual institutions, specify the Renzians. Finally, the group leader Faraone and Giuseppe Cucca propose to eliminate article 4 with the “save-ideas” clause because the Constitution already protects freedom of opinion and several jurists have highlighted the anomaly of an ordinary law that claims to regulate a constitutional guarantee .

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