Pizzerias in Milan: the best 10 addresses to try

Pizzerias in Milan: the best 10 addresses to try
Pizzerias in Milan: the best 10 addresses to try

Pizza always pizza. Even in Milan, even when summer and outside are hot that melts the asphalt. Not Naples, true, but also in the shadow of the Madonnina over the years the level of pizzerias has risen, achieving very remarkable results. If you are looking for a pizza that gives you satisfaction, from the Neapolitan-style ones to the gourmet ones, passing through those in the pan, here ten addresses to try in Milan, almost all with outdoor tables in the dehors.

Within three years Stubborn has opened three clubs in the city, in the Tortona area, Porta Romana and Porta Venezia. An ascent that is explained by the goodness of the pizzas (Neapolitan style) and with the call from trendy local, more similar in furnishings to a New York cocktail bar than to a pizzeria in our house. The pizzas (8/18 euros) range from the simplest ones with quality ingredients to curious variations, which can sometimes be too full of flavors. An example? La Stracciata 2.0 with cow cream, rag di Fassona, red corbarino tomato, mushroom aubergines, flakes of Parmigiano Reggiano, stracciatella di bufala km0, extra virgin olive oil and basil.
Dove: Via Bergognone (tel. 0236528327), corso Lodi corner via Gian Carlo Passeroni 2 (tel. 0236521500), via Melzo corner Via Spallanzani (tel. 0236751178). www.cocciuto.com

If gourmet pizza arrived in Milan, the merit of Berber. it was the chain of pizzerias of Matteo and Salvatore Aloe, born in Bologna, that cleared the pizzas with the dough with mother yeast, cut into slices and stuffed with ingredients often and gladly added raw, to maintain the quality. The result was a lasting love, which now can count on four clubs in the city (but there are others in Italy and even in London). The pizzas (from 6 euros) range from more traditional recipes to curious combinations such as Babaganoush with eggplant cream with tahini, date tomatoes, Greek yogurt, mint and smoked paprika.
Dove: via Sebenico 21 (tel. 0236707820), via Vigevano 8 (tel. 0236758428), via Alfredo Cappellini 18 / A (tel. 0238316849), corso di Porta Ticinese 1 (tel. 0249784877). www.berberepizza.it

Opened by the members of Gelsomina, Pizzium and other successful venues, Giolina focuses on a trendy-indie environment, on quality raw material and on cooking in a wood oven, which guarantees a pasta with a good alveolation. Among the pizzas (6.50 / 13 euros) the Giolina, defined as a sort of parmigiana on the contrary: made with cream of violet aubergines, smoked provola d’Agerola, red Piennolo del Vesuvio cherry tomatoes, baked aubergines, 30-month Parmigiano Reggiano waffles, fresh basil, Coratina Slow Food monocultivar extra virgin olive oil.
Where: via Felice Bellotti 6 (tel. 0276006379). www.giolina.it

For those who prefer the high and swollen cornice thin and crunchy pizza, in Roman style, the reference address Crocca. Born in May 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, with the specific intent of restoring dignity to a type of proposal very popular in the nineties but now often mistreated. They range from the classic Margherita (7 euros) to the most precious pizza on the menu, the Speciale (20 euros): with fior di latte d’Agerola, buffalo morsels, cooked ham, rocket, black truffle, extra virgin olive oil and basil.
Dove: via Fiamma 4 (tel. 0238295323). www.crocca.it

Capuano’s 7.0
There’s no need to look for a convincing explanation for the number in the name of Capuano’s 7.0. The number seven simply suits its founder, Luigi Capuano. Better focus on the pizzas, rich and with the Neapolitan cornice (starting from 7 euros). In addition to the classics, on the menu there are seasonal (such as La Fiorita with mozzarella, zucchini flowers, buffalo ricotta cream, parmesan, basil), stuffed (closed or with a stuffed cornice) and creative.
Dove: via Londonio 22 (tel. 0284146228), via Orseolo 1 (tel. 0236576140). capuanos.it

It has a double soul, Crust. both bakery and pizzeria. And in both changes he gets along very well. In the space of two and a half years his pizzas have conquered the Milanese with the light and well-alveolated dough and Crosta has opened a second point of sale, dedicated only to take-away. The pizzas (starting from 6.50 euros) range from the classic Margherita & co to particular proposals such as Pico de gallo and lard with crushed black beans, chilli, onion, coriander, fresh tomato and seasoned lard from the Zavoli farm.
Dove: Via Felice Bellotti 13 (tel. 0238248570). www.crosta.eu

From scratch
Proudly Cilentani, the creators of Da Zero immediately focused on the authenticity of the raw material, chosen with great care by small producers of the Cilento area (we are in Campania, under Salerno). The result is a tasty and genuine pizza (from € 6.5o), which enhances the ingredients. An example? La Tre Pomodori with yellow datterino tomatoes, red datterino tomatoes, mozzarella, dried tomatoes and basil. Be careful if you want to eat outdoors: none of the three Milanese offices has an outdoor area.
Dove: via Bernardino Luini 9 (tel. 0283529189), via dell’Orso 4 (tel. 0283419934), via Edmondo De Amicis 45 (tel. 0284214296). www.cominciadazero.com

Eataly Smeraldo
Originally from Turin, pan pizza (or pan) it also has its fans in Milan, where for some years there have been those who have started offering it. Among the addresses to try the pizza cooked in the pan, thicker and softer than the classic one, there is Eataly Smeraldo, which serves it in the huge outdoor area in summer full of greenery. On the menu (from 7.50 to 16 euros) there are for example Quattro Formaggi with fior di latte mozzarella from Miracolo in Milan, Mario Costa gorgonzola, Nicoletta fontina and De Rosa scamorza or Stracciatella and Mortadella. You can choose the dough, normal or wholemeal.
Dove: piazza XXV Aprile 10 (tel. 0249497301). www.eataly.net

Giolina’s older sister (born a few years earlier), less fashionable, Marghe a certainty in terms of pizza (from 6 to 13 euros). With attention to the ingredients, soft in the dough, it convinces both in the classic versions and in the more creative ones, which often vary, such as the Yellow Diavola (with yellow tomato sauce from Piannolo del Vesuvio, fior di latte d’Agerola, spicy salami from Secondigliano , chilli threads, fresh basil and organic extra virgin olive oil) or the Guanciale and Asparagus, with yellow Piennolo del Vesuvio cherry tomatoes sauce, Agerola mozzarella, bacon, asparagus, flakes of 36 months Parmigiano Reggiano, basil fresh, organic extra virgin olive oil.
Dove: via Cadore 26 (tel. 0254118711), via Plinio 6 (tel. 022047117). www.marghepizza.com

Open from May on the outskirts of Milan (but you can get there by metro), Pizzaut the first club in Italy and probably of the world run by nine autistic boys, who get busy in the kitchen and serve at the tables. Born from the determination of Nico Acampora, father of an autistic boy, a project that is worth touching to breathe its atmosphere. Without forgetting that the pizza, type pinsa (7/15 euros), is very good, thanks to a very light dough created so that even children with autism, who often suffer from digestive problems, can eat it freely.
Dove: Via Don Verderio 1. Cassina De ‘Pecchi (MI). www.pizzaut.it

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