Precari, Serafini’s (Snals) recipe: “Fast recruitment from GPS followed by training” [INTERVISTA]

You have been renewed your mandate as general secretary of Snals-Confsal a few days ago. He sees the role of the trade union as indispensable for guaranteeing the rights of school workers. He has a precise idea on how to resolve the issue of insecurity, calling the policy to respect the Pact for schools that was signed by the Government and the trade unions. We are talking about Elvira Serafini, the Snals trade unionist who, interviewed at Orizzonte Scuola, takes stock of the situation on the hot topics of the school.

Congratulations on your new mandate as Snals-Confsal Secretary General. Don’t you think that the relationship between the world of trade unions and that of school workers has reached an all-time low in recent years?

I am obviously very happy with the confirmation of my mandate. The Congress of our Syndicate was an opportunity, among other things, to reflect and discuss the problems of Education and Research, but above all to identify the political guidelines along which to find innovative solutions to the needs of the school community in compliance with the protections of the personal. In light of the information received from the area, I can say that the Union is recovering a new driving force, also on the basis of the experience gained during the health emergency. With its daily work, the Union has made it possible to combine respect for fundamental rights with the health and safety of pupils and staff with the guarantee of the right to learning and the continuity of the school and training service.

Let’s talk about the bis support decree: there is expectation to know the fate of precarious workers. The political forces in recent days have maintained a certain reserve. Will they be able to put aside party strategies and find a meeting point?

The Sostegni bis Decree presents numerous contradictions with the Pact for Schools, from the limitation to access to ordinary competitions for the unsuitable to the failure to solve the problems of precariousness with tens of thousands of vacant chairs. As if that were not enough, the decree casually invades the field of trade union relations by unilaterally reviewing the conditions of the permanence constraints on the service centers. For Snals-Confsal there is only one way to ensure timely coverage of chairs and posts: a quick recruitment from the provincial rankings for substitutes followed by an in-service training course managed by schools and universities with a final exam. The time has come for the assumption of responsibility. We have our proposals. We are available to discuss to find a meeting point.

According to the Ministry’s time schedule, the entries into the role should be completed by 31 July and above all, the appointments of alternates by 31 August. Will we be able to meet the deadlines, in your opinion?

Lacking a fast recruitment system like the one we have requested several times, the time schedule will not be the problem to be solved. The precarious staff of the school lives every year, from the end of classes until August 31, the drama of dismissals and the expectation of new calls. An unsustainable situation that has now become intolerable! Among other things, in many regions the results of the extraordinary procedure are not yet known for different classes of competition, including those falling within the Stem. We could find ourselves in the embarrassing situation of placing teachers who will take the written tests from tomorrow in the role and indefinitely suspend those who have taken the competition tests for almost a year. It is therefore necessary to review the administrative machine, also to avoid errors and corrections that continue to be recorded for the GPS. The inefficiencies of the ranking system cannot be downloaded to schools.

Not just temporary workers and hires. There is a rule in the support decree bis which wants teachers to carry out remedial courses from 1 September without additional remuneration. If it passes through Parliament, what will happen?

For Snals-Confsal, the contractual rules apply for which the service timetable is related to the calendar of lessons. There are also obligations relating to collegial and planning activities. We cannot go beyond these obligations. Only the Contract can review the staff working time. If this is not the case, we will prepare for a tough battle without excluding any options.

Apparently the covid staff will be confirmed next school year. What else is essential to start again from September 1st?

A lot of things! And they are the ones we have been repeating for more than a year. It is not enough to ensure safety conditions in schools. This is something that the educational institutions have guaranteed with great use of energy and passion. Unfortunately, the pandemic has not exhausted its effects and recent epidemiological data confirm this. We need to revitalize the territorial services of care and assistance to people, the radical change in the transport system and the introduction of school medicine. Without these interventions, the work of schools runs the risk of not producing system effects with serious prejudices for the continuity of the service.

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