“The plan remains at 500,000 doses per day” – Corriere.it

“The plan remains at 500,000 doses per day” – Corriere.it
“The plan remains at 500,000 doses per day” – Corriere.it

Reduce daily doses by slightly lowering goals. Above all, free the vaccination agendas, in case they are crowded, moving the appointments for a couple of weeks for the first doses, to guarantee the calls and coverage of the 2.3 million over 60s who have currently escaped the campaign. the indirect effect of a partial misalignment between the supply of vaccines and the capacity of the regions which in June repeatedly exceeded 600,000 injections per day. the moment of a slight slowdown without questioning the end-September target set by Commissioner Francesco Figliuolo: collective immunity at 80%, that is at least 43.4 million Italians covered in a full cycle. Deliveries of Pfizer and Moderna preparations will reach 14.5 million doses in July, 800,000 less than in June.

A slight decrease compared to the contracts negotiated by the EU Commission for Italy, but depreciable given the stocks not yet administered and the number of Italians already covered. There is a buffer of 4.5 million doses for the only two vaccines allowed for the under 60s in refrigerators. In addition to the 2.6 million AstraZeneca that can be used for the first doses (and boosters) of those over sixty years old. Figliuolo believes it is desirable to calibrate at this point on the 500 thousand daily injections thus reducing the administration capacity of the vaccine hubs which otherwise risk running out of vials.

undoubtedly the downward reshaping of the campaign became necessary for the government’s decision to suspend injections with viral vector vaccines for those under 60. In the first ten days of June, before the technical-scientific committee corrected the shot on the basis of a different cost-benefit analysis, even for a changed epidemiological scenario, they accounted for about 20% of the doses. It is no coincidence that both the share that most of the regions, especially the larger ones, report as a reduction in supplies such as to force them to implement compensatory mechanisms such as the postponement of the administration of the first doses in Lazio, Campania, Puglia, Umbria, probably in Emilia-Romagna. necessary to recover them for the recalls, more temporally binding given the need to do them between 21 and 35 days, a shortened duration due to fears of the epidemiological impact of the Delta variant.

A summit of the Regions is scheduled for Thursday. Interlocutions are frequent with the commissioner structure, not without tensions. Bilateral talks are planned to understand the effect of this reduction in supplies in the order of 5% on a national basis. In many it will be necessary to re-program the administrations. Especially those with a higher resident population. Almost all of them have accelerated beyond their targets. The braking however would have occurred anyway: many Italians have not yet booked. They are waiting for the end of the summer or they are wary. The speed reduction of the campaign was therefore in the order of things.

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