Milan, police seize 7 quintals of hashish on the highway

Saturday 3rd July 2021 – 10:21 am

Milan, police seize 7 quintals of hashish on the highway

In Spanish prison for 30 years, he drove Tir to the Assago barrier

Milan, 3 July (askanews) – Big shot of the Milan traffic police who seized almost 700 kilos of hashish worth about 3 million euros on Thursday morning. The operation took place in the early hours of the morning during the execution of a checkpoint by a patrol of the Milan West Subsection at the Assago (MI) motorway barrier of the A7 motorway, on the Genoa – Milan route. .

A 30-year-old Spanish citizen residing in Spain ended up in prison. He will have to answer for the crime of illicit detention for the purpose of drug trafficking. On reaching the motorway barrier, the man, aboard an articulated lorry with Spanish plates, at the sight of the patrols, carried out a maneuver that seemed aimed at evading control; in doing so, the driver attracted the attention of the operators who invited him to pull over inside the parking area near the barrier.

Here, the driver of the heavy vehicle appeared particularly nervous to the agents providing controversial information regarding the location of the delivery of the transported goods, which is why he was conducted for investigations at the Offices of the West Milan Traffic Police Subsection where the seals to verify the actual contents of the semitrailer to verify their congruity with what is indicated on the transport documents.

While checking the pallets, the policemen noticed that, placed under the packet of sweets, there were some boxes of different sizes, without any indication, not noted among the transported goods. One of the boxes was then opened which contained vacuum-packed wrappers which, once opened, made it possible to immediately smell the typical smell of hashish. It was thus possible to ascertain that they were 23 cartons with 6,305 blocks of different shapes.

The preliminary analysis performed by means of the special narcotest tool found that it was hashish. The Spaniard was arrested and taken to the San Vittore Prison at the disposal of the Judicial Authority.


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Milan police seize quintals hashish highway

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