Stellantis, Gigafactory in nearby Italy

Stellantis, Gigafactory in nearby Italy
Stellantis, Gigafactory in nearby Italy

In the environments close to Stellantis it is trusted (some are even sure) that on July 8, on the occasion of the Electrification day, the CEO Carlos Tavares announces that the new Gigafactory to power electric vehicles, in addition to those already decided in France and Germany, will be born in Italy. The topic is on the agenda of the discussions between the group and the government, in particular the Minister of Economic Development, Giancarlo Giorgetti. A sort of task force, among other things, was set up between Stellantis and Palazzo Chigi precisely to try to smooth out the road that leads to the construction of the Gigafactory in our country, also depending on the resources deriving from the NRP under the heading ecological transition.

Strong pressure on Tavares, of course, also comes from the unions, worried that once the okay has arrived, the place where to place the structure does not happen by chance or is conditioned by parochial interests. “A project of this magnitude – says a trade unionist – must first of all look at safeguarding jobs, as was done in France, in Douvrin, near Calais, and in Germany, in Kaiserlsautern, where the Gigafactories will replace production plants. of engines.

An example of reconversion to be taken into consideration also in Italy ». The obligatory candidate is the historic Turin plant of Mirafiori, already a hub for e-mobility and new technologies. In the unions, however, the focus is on engine factories, such as the one in Cento (Ferrara), which specializes in powerful 3.0 V6 Diesel for the US market. In Pratola Serra (Avellino) and Termoli Campobasso) are the other two plants, again for engines. The government will play an important role in where the Gigafactory will be born, also dictated by the need to give new oxygen to a specific area of ​​the country. The fact remains that Tavares has always ruled out the possibility of closing plants in Italy.

Yesterday, meanwhile, the CEO of Stellantis entered into the merit precisely in Douvrin, the location that will host the transalpine Gigafactory. And in addition to confirming the close negotiations with Palazzo Chigi, the CEO of Stellantis has made it known that discussions are underway on the possibility of extending the joint venture Acc (Automotive Cells Company) set up in 2020 by Psa (now in Stellantis) to the competitor Renault. with Total is active in the manufacture and supply of battery cells and modules for use in motor vehicles. “In 2030 – underlined Tavares, as reported by the France Press agency – we will need 250 Gigawatt hours worldwide”, of which 125 in Europe, but more will have to be done. «And also in a scheme with three European plants – he specified – we will have to increase the capacities compared to what is currently decided. As regards the entry of Renault, however, a balance has not yet been found that satisfies both of us, so we will continue to discuss ».

On the EV Day of July 8th, we will talk about customer expectations and needs, performance, software, platforms, commercial vehicles and a lot about batteries, including suppliers, charging services, repairs and recycling. With Tavares, the leaders of the Fiat, Peugeot, Ram, Dodge, Opel and Jeep brands will illustrate the various electrification strategies. Space then, among others, to Harald Wester (engineering), Richard Palmer (financial director) and Ralph Gilles (style). Details on the electrification plans relating to the other brands, especially Alfa Romeo, Lancia and Maserati (in this case they had already been anticipated months ago), will emerge from the back and forth of Tavares with the media that will follow the presentation.

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