Covid, Kappa variant in Italy: where does it come from and what are the symptoms

Covid, Kappa variant in Italy: where does it come from and what are the symptoms
Covid, Kappa variant in Italy: where does it come from and what are the symptoms

In Italy, cases of contagion from Delta variant and yes variante Kappa. The absolute numbers reported by the monitoring of the Ministry of Health and the Istituto Superiore di Sanità relating to the seventy between 21 and 27 June are decreasing, but the presence of these strains on the Italian territory does not make scientists and the Government sleep peacefully. .

These days we have learned about the Delta variant well, given the great media attention that the former Indian variant is receiving. We still know little about the Kappa variant, which is very similar in origin and transmissibility.

Covid, where the Kappa variant came from

The Kappa variant derives from lines B.1.617.1, B.1.620 and B.1.621 and is considered by the European health authorities as a variant of interest, or You. Unlike the Vocs, the variants subjected to constant monitoring because they create concern, is not one for now observed special.

So far it is believed that it arrived in Europe through the do you travel, and was first identified in India and in Colombia. It is genetically related to the Delta variant, so much so that it has long been considered one of its own sub-variant.

According to the studies conducted so far, it would be very contagious compared to other strains, and would spread in particular among the younger groups of the population, in particular the one including between 12 and 20 years.

As this is the most popular segment of the population vulnerable to contagion considering the low vaccination coverage and the greater contagion opportunities due to gatherings in less controlled environments, especially during the summer, with schools closed and the desire to meet and go on vacation.

Covid, Kappa variant: because it is scary

Brett Sutton, director of the health department in Victoria, Australia, where outbreaks of this strain have been observed, said its contagiousness is similar to that of measles, therefore really very high, in particular with respect to the currently dominant variant, the Alfa or English, which in turn was more easily transmitted than the unchanged coronavirus.

The expert pointed out that it could cause forms of Covid more serious precisely among young people, even if the theory has not been confirmed. A true list of characteristic symptoms has not yet been drawn up, and therefore all those already known associated with Sars-Cov-2 must be monitored.

While not representing a direct danger to the severity of the disease, what is worrying is the possibility that the virus begins to spread faster, reaching those groups of the population that, due to the personal data or resistance of individuals, have not achieved good vaccination coverage.

In the UK, where the Delta variant caused a new one peak of infections, the high number of Covid vaccines administered has made it possible to minimize hospitalizations in intensive care and deaths.

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