EU, the pact of sovereigns: the Letta-Salvini brawl breaks out

EU, the pact of sovereigns: the Letta-Salvini brawl breaks out
EU, the pact of sovereigns: the Letta-Salvini brawl breaks out

TheUnion of European Patriots, strongly desired by the president of the National Gathering Marine Le Pen and prominent politicians such as Viktor Orban (Hungary), Jaroslaw Kaczynski (Poland), Santiago Abascal (Spain) and the Italians Giorgia Meloni and Matteo Salvini: the news is enough to blow Enrico Letta’s nose. who openly blames the leader of the League for the choice made.

Unthinkable, according to the new secretary of the Democratic Party, that the Northern League could on the one hand support Mario Draghi and on the other support this new group formed in the European context.

Another address for the EU

Signed by numerous European political forces, this new alliance was not born to ferry the states out of the EU, but to give them an alternative direction, which aims to protect the identity of individual countries. The intention, as explained by Le Pen herself, is to respect peoples and nations, since for the signatories the idea of ​​”peoples subjected to the bureaucratic and technocratic ideology of Brussels, which imposes rules in all areas of daily life“The EU must be reformed, this is the aim of the sovereign parties that signed the declaration.

Nations slowly feel stripped of their right to exercise their legitimate sovereign powers“, reads the document, as reported by The Courier. “The use of political structures and laws to create a European superstate is a manifestation of the dangerous and invasive social engineering of the past, a situation that must lead to legitimate resistance. We are convinced that the cooperation of European nations should be based on traditions, respect for the culture and history of European states, respect for the Judeo-Christian heritage of Europe. We reaffirm our belief that the family is the fundamental unit of our nations. Family policy should be the answer to mass immigration“.

This new alliance of nature sovereign, one day, it could lead to the formation of a group of 115 deputies in the European Parliament, which worries the other parties not a little. After leaving the EPP, Viktor Orban sided with Le Pen and the Italians Meloni and Salvini. However, the participation of the League in the Union of European patriots does cause debate, since the Draghi government is very close to Emmanuel Macron, Le Pen’s enemy, and the Northern League is part of the majority. Which side is the League on?

Letta’s criticisms and the controversy

The dem secretary has not spared criticism Enrico Letta who, commenting on the accession of the League to the Union of European Patriots, declared: “We cannot be at the same time with Europeanism and with Orban. One cannot be a supporter of Draghi and Orban together. It simply cannot be done. “

The deputy and deputy secretary of the Northern League responded to the leader of the Democratic Party Lorenzo Fontana. “Letta can be calm“, he sank, citing Renzi.”His socialists were Orban’s allies for years and until a few months ago, as the Hungarian leader was part of the EPP. If he is so embarrassed, he can get out of the Draghi government who, thank goodness, has largely denied him on Mes, reopening and patrimonial. We will not miss it“, he added. After all, Letta himself, commenting on the League’s discontent on the curfew issue, had already invited the allies of the Northern League to abandon the majority.

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