The crisis of the 5 Star Movement still pushes Enrico Letta to the anti-right crusade – Il Tempo

The crisis of the 5 Star Movement still pushes Enrico Letta to the anti-right crusade – Il Tempo
The crisis of the 5 Star Movement still pushes Enrico Letta to the anti-right crusade – Il Tempo

Riccardo Mazzoni

02 July 2021

Despite the ongoing grillina civil war, which is about to lead to a bloody war of secession, the ineffable Letta does not give up, and still hopes that the Five Stars will find reasons to be together because “we all have a great task”, that is ” to prevent the worst right in history from going to the government ”. The democratic secretary is now navigating in the most absolute confusion, given that he is calling to the crusade against the right a movement not only in dissolution, but which, lacking a precise identity, cannot really embark on any political party, and that in its parliamentary groups the ala filoleghista remained asleep only for convenience, but in the event of a definitive big bang she is ready to get back on the road in search of cadreghe and safer shores. In four months the world has changed, but Letta remains equally faithful to the conviction of when in January, still self-exiled in Paris, he emerged from a long reserve to accuse Renzi of wanting to cause the ruin of the country by dropping the BisConte. “We need a strong and clear government – he said – and it can only be Conte who leads Italy this year, I don’t see how he can be prevented”, praising the people’s advocate for throwing the gauntlet on the Scrapper and de facto blessing the search for those responsible in Parliament: “Conte go to the courtroom to check if there is a majority.”

The line of the strategic agreement with the Five Stars does not change, therefore, despite the increasingly evident discontent of the reformist Base and of those who do not intend to tie the fate of the Democratic Party to a crazy train that, as in Cassandra Crossing, is running towards the precipice and it is not yet clear which wagons will be destined to be saved: those of the elevated visionary or those of the lawyer? Letta, in continuity with Zingaretti, considers Conte more reliable, even if no longer the very strong point of reference for progressivism. But there is the paradox – one of many – that Grillo has not changed his mind about Draghi, while Conte’s most listened to advisors can’t wait to chase him, as a usurper, from Palazzo Chigi. An authentic labyrinth from which Letta tries to escape not only by relaunching all the identity themes of the left, but now also by putting his screwdriver at the service of the grilline slogans, such as the war on the bond of mandate. A holy war against the notorious turncoats so far always held back by the wall of article 67 of the Constitution, which guarantees full autonomy to deputies and senators, sheltered from party orders.

Letta thus presented a reform of the Chamber’s regulation which is a sort of attempt to square the circle: blocking transformism while respecting the principle of the absence of a mandate constraint: cutting the indemnity to individual transformers but allowing the birth of new groups exclusively if made up of deputies from a single group in an amount equal to “at least one fifth of the members and in any case not less than ten”. A full-blown assist, in short, to any groups of Conte in the event of a split from the Five Stars. A clear inconsistency, given that the Democratic Party, during the desperate attempts to give life to the Count ter, even gave his senator on loan for use to the Europeanist leaders, and another evident symptom of the political convulsion in which a secretary is debating who he lost his way even before he found it.

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