Chaos Rome-Lido, Yes: “We need a common table of Rome-Lazio Region to manage the route”

Chaos Rome-Lido, Yes: “We need a common table of Rome-Lazio Region to manage the route”
Chaos Rome-Lido, Yes: “We need a common table of Rome-Lazio Region to manage the route”

“The non-existent maintenance has forced the withdrawal of the convoys with a very heavy repercussion indefinitely on the transit frequencies. The barrel discharge of the Municipality of Rome, manager of the line until the end of 2021, is unacceptable: citizens must know the truth”

Ostia – “It’s not done election campaign son people’s skin. Every day hundreds of commuters they are forced to crowd into the convoys of the Rome Lido, in spite of any prudential distancing, due to the maintenance never performed and therefore to the trains removed from service because they were sent to the workshop. L’Calabrese councilor, instead of dealing with this problem, instead of exercising the powers in its possession, instead of explaining to citizens why the passage of the Roma Lido section from the Camune di Roma to the Lazio Region has not yet been formalized, instead of explaining why in recent years all the necessary routine maintenance interventions have been carried out on the line that connects Rome with its sea, uses the social spaces to attack the Lazio Region in a perennial and stinging electoral campaign.

The Councilor Calabrese, expression of the M5S, should be reminded that the M5S is in all respects organic to the majority that supports the Governor Zingaretti therefore the systemic attacks of the Giunta Raggi against the Lazio Region have a vomiting instrumental aftertaste. It should be clarified, once and for all, that for the whole of 2021 the competence of the Roma Lido railway will be of ATAC, therefore of the Municipality of Rome, then of the Councilor Calabrese until he is in office, as railroad “Granted”.

This aspect must be clearly explained because the Capitoline Councilor for Sustainable Mobility as well as the Mayor Raggi seem to be highly indifferent to both the Roma Lido and the breakdowns that periodically afflict the users of this railway section. They prefer, to Pontius Pilate, to call into question the Lazio Region without specifying that the transfer process from the Municipality to the Region has not yet been completed due to the non-fulfillment of the managing body of the Roma Lido and therefore of the Campidoglio. Once again we choose to discharge the responsibilities by trusting in the dilution of anger and in the truths not said but artfully conveyed. An electorally powerful combination that produces damage to citizens, especially the most fragile ones. It should be remembered, again to the Calabrese “postatore”, that in recent years no one has lifted a finger, not even the Municipality of Rome, only to then sign during the first months of 2021 the famous accord RegionCommon which, however, will not be completed before the beginning of 2022. What will happen until that day? Does anyone realize the irreversible collapse that the Roma Lido railway risks?

Another accident like that of April 2021, where fortunately no one was electrocuted, and our railway line will be suspended indefinitely. This way of behaving is unacceptable, it is the eternal attitude staged to get our hands on, thus throwing responsibilities on to others, always anyway and everywhere. An Institutional Council of the Municipality of Rome – Lazio Region is immediately needed to plan the management of the Roma Lido over the next few months. One cannot close one’s eyes in front of the announced collapse of a service vital for workers, students and commuters in general, such as that of the Roma Lido. After the damage, the insult could not be missed.

Despite the condition in which our granted railway is mentioned, the promise of a mega future transformation of the Roma Lido arrives from the Councilor Calabrese, suggesting that the credit, this time, belongs to Roma Capitale. For pity, get it over with. Stop taking people by the nose. Citizens are not suckers or gullible, treating them as such is offensive. Can the capital of Italy be governed in this way? Obviously from the Mayor Raggi not even a breath, not even a mild reassurance. Meanwhile, both the railway trains, the few remaining in operation on the Roma Lido, and the makeshift vehicles substituting the railway trains themselves are periodically filled to the limit.

Workers and commuters risk serious accidents every day and those who work in the related industries, for example those who clean the wagons and stations, even risk their jobs. The rail transport service, moreover a highly profitable service if managed with criteria, risks privatization as is happening for public transport by road: In Rome Capital more than 30% of the road bus service is already in the hands of private individuals and, thanks to the Mayor Raggi, the goal is to even reach 45%. Enough rebounds of responsibility, enough silent privatizations of public services “.

He states this in a note Marco Possanzini, Secretary of the Italian Left for the X Municipality

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