Ride Milano: when vinyl becomes a work of art. The cultural hub in Porta Genova hosts the Vinyl Art Mania exhibition.

Vinyls decorated as if they were real canvases: an alternative way for artists to interpret their sign and style on this support which, in some way, has contaminated and continues to be part of their personal history.

From 7 to 18 July, it space Ride Milan, former port of Genoa, hosts “Vinyl Art Mania by BeppeTreccia & Art Friends “, an extraordinary collective that includes very different works of art in terms of technique and style, created by artists and friends of the art director Giuseppe Iavicoli, historical curator of the exhibitions hosted within the hub in via Valenza.

Coming this year to his third edition, the exhibition hosts important pieces of names that exhibit in renowned galleries, creatives who have marked the path of curator and research that Beppe Treccia has developed in Italy and abroad.

A cultural event that also bears the mark of Killer Kiccen Production, of which Treccia is Art Director and where KustomArt is a continuous expression of it.

Everything will be supported by dj set of artists who will mix on cymbals to share the analog sound experience with all participants.



Jam session with bboys & bgirls from Bandits dance studio from 6pm to 9pm.

Art in motion with the best breakdance and Hip hop dancers on the scene.

JULY 14th

From 7pm to 9pm presentation of the documentary Metallo e Cemento.

A 360 ° film contribution dedicated to graffiti and hip-hop.

It is a journey in search of images, words, contradictions and conflicts of a constantly evolving tradition. One of the objectives of this project is to show the writers’ works, trying to explain what drives you to risk so much just to see your name around the city or painted on a train.

But the main goal is to remember writing as one of the four disciplines of the social phenomenon of hip-hop culture born in the 1970s in New York in the Bronx. The documentary contains the interviews of: Esa aka El Prez, Doog Mc, Roman Froz, Amian 10g, the special of the TRFS group of Russian writers, in addition to the interviews all the painted trains that we saw passing in the stations without making distinctions or preferences.

16 AND 17 JULY

Livepainting on Vinyl by Maw Custom from 6pm to 9pm


Finale at DroogBeats 2021

16 freestylers on the PALCO DEL RIDE from 9.00 pm to 11.45 pm

jury: Ensi and Vincenzo from Via Anfossi



Angelo Barile @barileangelo

Beps @bepsybeps

Davide Scianca @davidescianca

Ericsone @erics_one

Fabio Weik @weik_

Francesco Caporale @ fradesign.it

Cat Max TDK @ max.catto. 315

GGT @ggtarantola

Giuseppe Gep Caserta @giuseppe_gep_caserta

Greta And @greta

Mate 1 @mateartist

Noyz Narcos @ noyz79

Max Petrone @max_petrone

Maw Custom @mawcustom

NoCurves @nocurves

Kraser @krasertres

D-Egon @ d.egon.z

Federico Unia @omerartfedericounia

SeaCreative @seacreative

Sigis @sigisvinylism

Jackson Carvalho @jacksonsofficial

Marco Puccini @marco___puccini

Francesco Buonfino @francesco_buonfino

Sara Tiano @saratiano_illustration_

Laura Mega @megappl

Mr Degri @mrdegri

Manu Invisibile @manu_invisible

Massimo Sirelli @massimosirelli

Luigi Marchini @luigimarchinitattoos

Mr Blob @mrblobart

Korvo @korvo_art

Hu-be ubhubedata

Emanuele Alfieri @ impossible_impo1

Oliver @oliver_kauten_ludico

Stefano Neo Banchieri @neo_elements

Christian Evallini @christian.evallini

Shine Royal @shineroyal

Stefano Cerioli @steeeve8

Thomas Ray @thomasray999

John Scafuro @giovanni_scafuro

Massimo Giacon @giaconmaximus

AK47 @ ak47_ale

Yux @yux000

Stefano Gentile @stefanogentileart

Gabriele Buratti @gabriele_buratti_buga

Andrea Moresco @andreamorescoart

Jelena Milosevic @m_jena

Michele Guidarini @ihatemicheleguidarini

Aken @enzbenz

Giovanni Refreshink Magnoli @refreshink

Andrea ExPlo @explo.pinstriping

Massimiliano Marzucco @hey.imateenager

Eugenio Carvelli @ eugee.graphit1st

Magnütze @magnütze

Nicoló Mazzara @nicolo_mazzara

The project Laughs Milan, sponsored by the Municipality of Milan – Municipality 6, has made it possible to redevelop the over 5,000 square meters of the railway yard, providing intelligent and functional solutions, aimed at avoiding the uncontrolled gatherings of the public and, at the same time, adequate to enhance the pleasure of being together in safety. It is a real village in the beating heart of the city, designed to offer citizens a new place to relax, enjoy great food, sip a drink listening good music and browse the stands of artists and exhibitors.

@ RIDE Milan – Via Valenza, 2, Milan

Exhibition hours: Tuesday to Sunday, from 6pm to 11pm

Free entry

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