Relaunch Rome: Camilli and Tagliavanti, the problem is the debts of companies

Relaunch Rome: Camilli and Tagliavanti, the problem is the debts of companies
Relaunch Rome: Camilli and Tagliavanti, the problem is the debts of companies

The presidents of Unindustria and Chamber of Commerce for a greater role of the capital of the big banks. Candidates support the creation of a platform for investments in SMEs

“The main problem that is felt, after the pandemic, is that of the capitalization of companies, especially medium and small ones, which come out of debt from this very difficult period”. This is what is revealed by the president of Unindustria Angelo Camilli, interviewed by ‘Il Messaggero’ on the proposal of the candidate Pd Roberto Gualtieri of a return of attention to Rome of the big banks and the creation of a platform, which promotes investments in innovative companies with savings raised by funds social security.

“The public support of these months – explains Camilli – has in fact guaranteed the survival of these realities, which however have accumulated large debts and have liquidity problems ”. A situation, warns the leader of the industrialists of Rome and Lazio, which seriously risks having repercussions on the ability to field new investments.

“Businesses would be held back by the accumulated debts, which create greater difficulties in accessing credit, because banks are faced with situations that are inevitably in difficulty, therefore more risky ”. For this, explains Càmilli, “we need to find tools to inject liquidity, thus also involving pension funds and insurance”, especially to finance small and medium-sized enterprises. “In this sense, the State should work to reduce the risk of those who want to invest in SMEs – says the president of Unindustria – This would allow them to resort to bank credit again, in a phase of recovery”. Camilli recalls the ongoing collaboration “with the Region sui minibond: creating public guarantees, including regional ones, for those who make capital available ».

The presence of credit institutions in the capital also beats Lorenzo Tagliavanti, president of the Chamber of Commerce, always questioned by ‘Il Messaggero’: “It is singular – he notes that the largest Italian banks do not have their headquarters in their capital, as happens in the others Country. The important thing, however, is to have the head in this city, that is, the decision-making power; also because here in order to carry out large operations one must wait for the green light to arrive from elsewhere, perhaps from Milan ”.

Tagliavanti highlights “the issue of access to credit, which as far as small and very small businesses are concerned it is easy to think that it will tend to increase in importance: Rome is the city of PM”. The future of the economy of the capital “will be better than the past, so the banks will also be able to make good operations of a financial nature. So I say: move to the capital for interest “.

Also because, adds the leader of the Chamber of Commerce, credit institutions “are private companies”. The proposal also meets the support of trade unions: “The savings generated in Lazio are right to go to finance regional businesses – remarks Lando Maria Sileoni, secretary general of Fabi (Italian Autonomous Banking Federation) – The situation must also be framed in the opposition between finance and politics; when finance decided to move everything to the North, politics did not have the ¡dee and the strength to oppose it ”.

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