the street of painters comes alive with the historical friends of Little Tony and the artist Echeoni

the street of painters comes alive with the historical friends of Little Tony and the artist Echeoni
the street of painters comes alive with the historical friends of Little Tony and the artist Echeoni

Via Margutta beautiful and lively as it hasn’t been seen for a long time but above all populated by painters, journalists, writers, actors, people who found themselves there because they share a great friendship with Antonio Ciacci aka Little Tony, the author of memorable songs such as Riderà, Crazy heart and 24 thousand kisses. And many others have arrived in via Margutta for the inauguration of the pictorial art exhibition of the painter and sculptor but also the Roman designer, composer and musician Elvino Echeoni. Among the surprises of a surprisingly animated Thursday afternoon, yesterday they entered via Margutta, Massimo Boldi e Michele Cucuzza, Agostino Penna, Mago heroine, Alex Partexano, artists linked by a deep friendship and esteem towards the singer, to whom went the heartfelt thanks of both his daughter and maestro Echeoni.

“A life in color and …. music” opened in the Margutta Home space in Rome. The artist presented his works by explaining the subtle thread that binds songs, paintings, abstract canvases, paintings of sunsets, nights, floral compositions, faces and female bodies.

Thanks to the artistic expression shown on the canvases, he realizes the dream of a lifetime, that of uniting his greatest passions: music, song, color and form. The paintings are the tangible expression of the “creative exchange” between music and art: songs he interpreted that inspired the canvases, and vice versa the painting itself that recalls the writing of a piece. Echeoni was a little excited by the many friends who arrived for him: “An exhibition that started great – said the Roman artist – hoping that it will be a signal of restart for art and via Margutta, there were 5 that I did not exhibit and many friends are came to greet me and see my works. An event that gave me the opportunity to combine art and music, with the precious collaboration of Cristiana Ciacci and Angelo Petruccetti. I thank the guests Massimo Boldi, Michele Cucuzza, Agostino Penna at whom I made a portrait many years ago and Alex Partexano. Finally it was possible to embrace us again, in the name of color and music, which is a good omen for the continuation of art in Via Margutta. Special thanks go to “Margutta home” exclusive location that hosted the event “.


Echeoni matched the inauguration of his exhibition with the first official presentation of the book “My father Little Tony” by Cristiana Ciacci and Teresa Giulietti, published by Bertoni publisher with a preface by Mara Venier. The book is enriched by the DVD “A life in time of Rock”, with which the musicologist Dario Salvatori takes us on a musical journey that sees Tony the protagonist of an amazing concert in America directed by Stefano Cesaroni. The two authors were present in the room together with the musician Angelo Petruccetti of the Little Tony Family and the publisher Jean Luc Bertoni.


Cristiana, Little Tony’s daughter told herself with touching authenticity: “I also received criticism on social media – she said with shining eyes, sitting next to Echeoni, Teresa Giulietti and her editor – because someone would not have wanted me to tell the whole truth about the relationship with my father to whom I loved a lot, he was my father imagine, but he had to make a decision that led me to have to live with loneliness. Two intense eyes are those of the daughter of the great Tony who with her Grace celebrated his father’s greatness together with the others, telling of his “raids”, passions, his big heart, his character.


Each canvas, although characterized by different painting styles and techniques, is ultimately linked in the same multicreative thought of the artist and dialogues with the viewer who, observing the works closely and through his mobile phone, has the possibility to interact with it, creating in thus an exchange of “synergy”. Listening to the teacher interpret a song, the question arises whether it is the “painting that sings” or the “song itself that is colored”. This multimedia approach will allow “blind” guests to “hear the picture” and “deaf” people to “see the artistic expression of music”.

A creative “magic” as in the case of the canvas entitled “Cuore Matto”, the iconic song by Little Tony which is transformed into a painting capable of enclosing the essence of the song in shapes and colors.

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