La7, Garnero (OECD) – Landini controversy. “In Italy many layoffs despite blocking”. “They were precarious, she says things that don’t stand up”

Question and answer to “On air” (La7) between the general secretary of the Cgil Maurizio Landini and the economist ofOcse Andrea Garnero on the institution of layoffs. According to Garnero, the Italian legislative system, as it is designed, in some cases obliges people not to work precisely because of the redundancy fund, which would also prevent adequate training of workers.
Landini disputes the economist’s assumption, recalling that the redundancy fund applies only to employees, who receive 50% of the actual salary. And he adds that training as a permanent and structural right for workers is a ten-year battle of the CGIL.

The controversy ignites when Garnero pronounces himself on blocking of layoffs and reiterates his thesis on layoffs: “Italy is the only country that has introduced a ban on dismissal. Yet in other countries we have not witnessed an employment tsunami. Indeed, the performance in the labor market in France and Germany was better than the Italian one, because we see that, despite the layoffs, there were 558 thousand layoffs in 2020 and almost a million fewer employees between February 2020 and February 2021. So, the shock has already been there. and it was not minor ”.
But why does he say things that don’t stand up?”, Comments Landini.
Garnero continues: “So the redundancy fund counts, because firing costs. If, on the other hand, it is possible, as in the case of the covid fund, to transfer the cost of labor to the State, it is more convenient to use the covid fund. This is the key tool, not so much the ban on layoffs ”.

Landini replies: “It is not true that only Italy has taken this measure. It has been taken in other forms as well France and Germany, where the companies that have adopted the redundancy fund, for the six months following the suspension of the fund itself, did not have to leave any workers at home, precisely because they had had public money. After that, in Italy there were lost jobs, but because they were temporary contracts of precarious workers – he continues – The covid fund was charged to everyone, but the ordinary and extraordinary fund is paid by the company and the workers, it is not charged to the state. We are asking to extend it to everyone with a contribution from everyone and in fact we are saying not to dismiss but to use the ordinary cash, which is the meaning of the agreement made two days ago with the government. To the people who have been through hell in this year and a half, you must ensure that when they have a problem, they are not alone ”.
Landini, however, let’s go and see the problems concretely”, Replies the presenter Concita De Gregorio.
And Landini does not fit: “These are concrete problems. Getting fired is a real problem”.


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