“The school is not left alone. Distance in the classroom and transport? The problems are always the same”

“The school is not left alone. Distance in the classroom and transport? The problems are always the same”
“The school is not left alone. Distance in the classroom and transport? The problems are always the same”

How will the schools restart in September? At the moment nobody knows for sure yet, but the strong doubt is that when the bell rings again, the same problems with which we found ourselves having to face after last summer, at the beginning of the second school year in pandemic time. What has changed to date? “The knots to be solved are the same as in the past and the only step forward is that there are many vaccinated people. But the problems on the table are always the same”, he says to Today Antonello Giannelli, president of the National Association of Headmasters.

“If we have to start again with the spacing, our classrooms are too small and the pupils do not fit all. So it means that we will have to start over with a part of students following in attendance, another from home, then make them alternate … . “, says Giannelli. Last week, during his reply to the communications in view of the European Council, the Prime Minister Mario Draghi recalled how despite the allocation of “huge funds” in the end it was necessary to decide “that public transport could only be full to 50% and this has not helped the reopening of schools “. If a solution has not been found by September, with a transport system capable of transporting 100% of the students while maintaining the distance, for Giannelli the same problems will arise again, with the risk of facing the same issues “left unresolved quest ‘year”. The school, the PNA president reiterates, “cannot be left alone. It is a public service, but it also needs other public services, from transport to health services”.

“After the pandemic, the school does not go back into oblivion”

Giannelli also looks with concern at the spread of the Delta variant of the coronavirus also in Italy: “It is up to the health authorities to say something on the subject and to prevent contagion as much as possible, but we must avoid what happened last summer, as a result of which we lived the school year that we know and we were forced to run for cover by closing “.

A school year certainly not easy for any of the subjects involved, from the school staff to the students and their families, “dominated” by the dad, distance learning. From this point of view, however, for Giannelli the balance is not entirely negative. “Certainly, training gaps have been created that were not there before. But this experience has taught us a lot, it has made us aware of the limitations of our system. We hope it will also contribute to solving them”, he explains. Will the dad stay after the pandemic? “I hope so. Like all tools it is neutral, it is up to us to make the best possible use of it”, says Giannelli, for whom distance learning could remain “to integrate the activities in the presence” but also to eventually carry out optional teaching choice of the student, going in the direction of “greater flexibility, which is much needed”.

Since the pandemic began, there has been a lot of talk about school, for one reason or another. A fact that for Giannelli can only be positive, even if there is a ‘but’. “My fear is that when the Covid tragedy is over, these spotlights will turn off and the school will go back into oblivion. We will do everything to ensure that this does not happen”.

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