Milan, Codacons: booty from speed cameras? Fines every 3 minutes, given in the Prosecutor’s Office

A fine every 3 minutes. This is the spoils of the speed cameras in Milan, according to a survey by Codacons which decided to report the matter to the Ministry of Transport and the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office. “From speed cameras a fine every 3 minutes, for over 57 thousand high in just over 4 months (of which 17,428 only at the Ghisallo overpass)”, writes the consumer protection association in a note. “There is a suspicion that the high number of fines imposed does not correspond to the fact that Milanese motorists are so undisciplined compared to those in other cities, but that there is, in Milan, the will of the Municipality to provide for very low speed limits in the fastest-moving area in order to surprise the driver who is forced to pay an often unjust penalty ”, said the national president of Codacons, Marco Donzelli. On the part of Codacons, Donzelli himself underlined, there is no desire to “justify those who violate the rules of the Highway Code, on the contrary, driving with the utmost caution is absolutely essential to avoid accidents, but it is not correct that drivers are punished for completely ordinary behavior ”, he concluded.

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