The center-right now flies: it exceeds 48 percent

The center-right now flies: it exceeds 48 percent
The center-right now flies: it exceeds 48 percent

The various political polls that are carried out from week to week photograph an Italy that shows with increasing strength the desire to change course. This is demonstrated by the results obtained by the parties in the coalition of center right, who continue to consolidate their position to the detriment of the Giallorossi.

As certified also by the supermedia of the weekly polls prepared by YouTrend, carried out on the Demopolis, EMG, Ipsos, Ixè, SWG and Tecnè surveys, the first two positions are firmly occupied by Lega and Fratelli d’Italia, which gain support in the electorate of the country, while the Democratic Party and the 5-star Movement, increasingly confused, trudge behind them. Forza Italia improves further while Matteo Renzi’s Italia viva continues to lose positions. The compact center-right boasts 48.2% of the preferences, considering only the three main parties. The center-left made up of the Democratic Party, the 5-Star Movement and Action! barely exceeds 39%.

According to the weekly supermedia YouTrend, the League of Matteo Salvini it is the favorite party of the Italians. 20.5% of Italians would now give their vote to the Carroccio. For many weeks, Matteo Salvini’s party has been stable in first place in the supermedia YouTrend while the second position occupied by Brothers of Italy is more recent, which in the last year has surpassed first the M5s and then the Democratic Party with a great career. The opposition team of Giorgia Meloni the Italians like it, who now offer it 20.1% of the votes, with an increase of half a percentage point compared to the super-average of two weeks ago. Forza Italia is also growing, gaining 0.2 percent in two weeks.

Behind the two center-right parties at the top of the ranking is the Democratic Party with 19.2%. The latest YouTrend average of the weekly polls sees the dem at 0.9 percentage points from the Brothers of Italy. The same average achieved two weeks ago saw a gap of 0.8 percentage points between the second and third parties, a sign that Giorgia Meloni is widening the gap from Enrico Letta. Even further back is the 5 Star Movement, whose earthquake between Grillo and Conte holds its own in the political news. The M5s currently enjoys 16.7% according to supermedia YouTrend, up from two weeks ago.

In the rear collapses Italia viva di Matteo Renzi, which in two weeks lost 0.4 percentage points and now barely exceeds 2% of the consensus, approaching the Italian Left and Article 1 which, instead, have respectively 1.9 and 1.8 per cent of the consensus of the Italians.

YouTrend in its analysis points out that the parties that currently make up the majority of the big cartels in the government of Mario Draghi they have a total of 73.6% of the votes. A very high value but exactly 5 percentage points lower than what the government was born.

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